Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Good evening at the end of a crazy day which found me a little out of step with the world.   I was late and that is something very rare for me and I felt a little like I was running all day to catch up.     Well - I didn't catch up at all - I came to the decision that what could get done today would get done and I would welcome another new day tomorrow.

I didn't even take my book to the Hairdresser which I normally do - instead enjoyed a decent conversation with my Hairdresser discussing all sorts of world events both now and long ago.    We discussed Auschwitz and wept together - it was a special moment.

There were happy moments in my day - a phone call from my younger daughter just to keep in touch - they are always happy moments.   A lovely cup of coffee made for me by the girls at the Salon gave me a boost - it was in a very nice coffee mug - another happy moment.

My lawns were cut today and it stopped and smelled the lovely fresh mown grass smell and enjoyed that happy moment.   

Freshly caught fish for lunch - caught by a friend was a very nice and happy moment.  By the time I got home from the hairdresser I was ready to sit and enjoy lunch.

I spent a couple of hours doing cryptic crossword puzzles with a friend and laughing at the crazy silly answers we came up with at times.    Exercise for my brain to keep it sharp and alert.  Learning new words and new meanings are always special moments (even though I often forget.)

Learning to take myself less seriously and to laugh at myself is a very special moment and I need lots of those.   I was tempted to have a nap this afternoon but decided against it in the hope that I will sleep better tonight.

I was expecting a package from interstate so I went to the Post Office to collect my lovely new necklace - a very happy moment.  I am delighted to have another piece of work made by Lyn Reeve
(Made for You Alone Jewellery in Ipswich Qld.)

A very happy moment to have what Lyn calls "The Kitchen Sink" because it has lots of different things on it and it really makes a statement.   I am delighted with it.   So far I have found a camera, a sewing machine and a key - lots more happy moments as I explore and discover.  I have just found a pair of scissors.

I hope that there have been happy moments in your day - a wave from a neighbour, a rose in bloom, a phone call from someone special, packing for a holiday and the anticipation that brings.   I hope there has been nice coffee/tea and good company and that you are left with happy moments making a good life.

Don't expect all of these moments to come to you - go and look for them - sit by the fire with a book or sit in the sun (depending where you are)  find a beautiful picture and send it to a friend - you may make a happy moment for them.  Make a phone call, send a text or email or share a recipe.

Happy moments are not expensive but are priceless and I wish you days full of happy moments as you make your Good Life.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart which has had happy moments in it today and is forever thankful for a good life.

Love and hugs,

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