Sunday, July 31, 2016


Today is the first day of DONATE LIFE WEEK  in Australia for 2016.

The challenge is to ask yourself, and those around you at to What you are waiting for?  

There is a big list of people waiting for Organ Transplants in Australia and I personally can vouch for the importance and value of this.  

I received a Liver Transplant in December 2009 because one Australian stood up and made the commitment to donate his organs after his death.

I was the lucky recipient of the liver and my life took a very big turn for the better and I have been well ever since.

I take medication and keep appointments and would actively encourage you all to sign up on the Organ Donor Register, have the conversation with your family and decide to donate your organs.

It isn't just the recipient who benefits from this  - their family and friends are impacted by the fact that the recipient is still with them.

Make the call, have the discussion, and please decide to donate your organs and help up to 8 people. 

What are you waiting for ?

Love and hugs,


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