Friday, July 22, 2016


Good Morning on a grey and wet Friday morning in Adelaide - no beautiful sunrise this morning, but the day holds the promise of being beautiful just the same.

Sleep was not my companion and I spent some time thinking of how I could brighten the day for someone and I realized that it is often the little things that count and make a difference.

It is possible for each one of us to make a difference in the simplest of ways ~

Make a phone call, write a letter, smile at a stranger, bake a cake,
have coffee with a friend and be sure to listen.

When out and about be sure to be aware of the little things around you - be aware of the wonders of nature - the dew or rain drop on the rose, the leaves blowing down the street,  the white fluffy clouds and the rainbow above you.

There are so many more little things around you  - be present to the moment and be aware of the little things and let them enhance your life.

Take care as you go about your day and enjoy all that is around you and remember ~ 

it's the little things.

Love and hugs,


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