Sunday, July 24, 2016


Welcome to Sunday in Australia, where the day had dawned wet and cold again but I am warm and cosy.   

Warmth comes to us in many ways - a soft blanket, air conditioning, a roaring fire, hot soup, hot coffee, a kitchen warm from cooking.   Snuggling in a warm bed, a cuddle from a loved one, holding a baby in your arms.

There is the warmth of friendship, the warmth of tender care and family and the warmth of shared conversation and laughter.

There is warmth in memories as we wander back and relive special times and celebrations and enjoy freshly made memories.

I made warm memories yesterday when I spent time with my girls and Felix, who is now 16 weeks old and very warm and responsive.  We talked, laughed and shared so much in a short time.   I felt the warmth of family and our special baby, who fell asleep in my arms.    There is no other feeling quite so warm and special than to have a baby fall asleep in your arms.

This little boy has brought so much warmth to our family and is very loved.

Have a wonderful Sunday and find warmth in your day.

Love and hugs,


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