Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Good Morning on a wet and windy Tuesday - where the winds of change are blowing.   I received a message this morning that my 16 week old Grandson is off to a Mums and Babes movie morning at the Theatre with his little friend Jasper and his Mum too.

He has a very busy social life - birthday parties, Lectures at the Art Gallery and Football Games and now the movies,  - such a different way of life for babies today from when mine were small, where I stayed home and did very little apart from a walk in the park or a trip to the Shopping Centre.   

I think it is wonderful for little ones to be "socialized" and to be out and about and I would do it all so differently if I had my time over.  I would make changes and, although my girls have become wonderful young women, they would get a different start in life.   I have learned not to be afraid of change, to go with the flow and take the good from all situations.

I have told them to "go easy on the popcorn" at the movies this morning and to enjoy the company of other Mums and babies.   

Change is not always negative, there are so many positive things to come from change - we have to learn to accept and enjoy the changes.

I am hoping they have a great outing and enjoy themselves.

You enjoy your day too.

Love and hugs,


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