Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here I am at the other end of the day and finding some joy in the fact that I have managed to stay up later than "baby bedtime" it is 8.30 and I am usually curled up by 7.30 as I still get very tired and this walking is great but does tire me.

I have a good book to read so will be taking that with me to bed. I have done lots of reading and am currently reading the Womens Murder Club series by James Patterson and I am up to book 4 - "The 4th. July." The latest one (number 9) was released recently so I will have to catch up.

I have been reading the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child and really enjoying those too.

I am tired - but it is a good tired and I am pleased to be feeling as well as I do.

Thank you for caring.

Sleep warm and well and sweet sweet dreams be yours (whenever night time comes in your little corner of the world.)

Love and hugs,


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