Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Morning from a very wet and very windy Adelaide.

  The wind has howled and groaned all night long like some creature of terror.  The rain started just after three this morning but hasn't been as heavy as I thought it would be.  I don't think we had the weather as bad as Perth did.

We did get a fair amount of rain, but not enough to bring us close to our average rainfall - so the drought continues.

The sky is pewter coloured and very heavy so I would say we have more rain on the way - certainly not a day to get laundry done and dry.

As I write there is a silver bead curtain of rain falling and my cat has hidden in the garage to be safe and warm - silly creature should be in here with me.  She does this sort of thing just to show me that she is very definitely her own person. 

It certainly wasn't a suitable day for walking - would have got blown home and very wet, so I have stayed here safe and warm.   I don't seem to have achieved much more by having that extra half an hour at home though.  I was going to go shopping this morning, but have changed my mind as I suspect there will be lots of germs out there and I should be very careful and I am probably much better at home.

The sun is now shining and there is a beautiful rainbow and the sky is grey - it is a very beautiful world with all its changes, seasons and moods.

I have been invited to go the movies with friends this afternoon and now have to make a decision - I am not good at this. I am leaning towards not going - don't get me wrong I would sure appreciate and enjoy the company of friends, but with all the infections around I am not sure I should be shut up in a movie theatre with the germs.  i have a few hours to make my decision and this in itself gives me an awareness of how much my life has changed - the different ways I now have to handle things. Once upon a time I wouldn't have given going a second thought, but now I have to take things into consideration.
Not a big price to pay for life itself.

I didn't sleep very well and spent a lot of time thinking of those people who are homeless and were sleeping rough in this awful weather - it must be dreadful not to be able to get out of the wind and have somewhere to make a hot drink.

I am off to enjoy my day now - I have gifts to wrap for a Christmas in July evening and a book to read, dishes to do and lots of other things I could do.

Take care and enjoy whatever this beautiful world presents you with today.
Be truly thankful for a summer breeze, a winter wind, the laughter of children, a diamond studded sky - be thankful for just being alive.

Love and hugs,


"Pressure phrases like I HAVE TO, I MUST, I SHOULD, I DON'T HAVE THE TIME exacerbate feelings of stress.
Listen for such words in your thoughts and speech, then replace them with more relaxed phrases - I MAY, I CHOOSE TO  and I WILL MAKE TIME."

Paul Wilson

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