Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome to Monday

Today is going to be a beautiful winter day - cold and damp but the sun is shining - a good to be alive day.

I have just come in from my walk and what should have been a half hour walk turned into an hour.   I was followed by a beautiful black fluffy cat and I kept having to take her back to her home.   She finally got the message, gave a big sigh and decided to stay at home.  I am quite sure my own cat Chloe would have been most upset at the thought of having to share.

I have looked at my diary and for this coming week I see nothing but blank spaces - such a contrast to the days when there were medical appointments scheduled for most days of the week.  Sometimes there were two or three appointments on one day.  So with gratitude I face a week of calm days.  There were times when I thought that this sort of week would never come again, and here it is!   Wonderful empty diary week I grasp you with both hands and hold tight to you.

Wherever you are and whatever this week holds for you I wish you peace, and the courage to face whatever you have to do.

Love and hugs,

"Everything is extraordinarily clear.  I see the whole landscape before me, I see my hands, my feet, my toes and I smell the rich river mud.  I feel a sense of tremendous strangeness and wonder at being alive.
Wonder of Wonders.

The Buddha

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