Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hi there,

I have just come home from the River - only took four shots this morning - (and can only transfer one in the time I have) didn't think to check before I left home and found that this is all the space I had on the camera card.

Will post the others later in the day.

Chatted a while to others who were out doing the same thing - checking the river - and lots of people said "Good Morning" it certainly was a pleasant time.

Sharing this photograph with you - enjoy.  This is the River Torrens at Flinders Park - along the line of the Linea Park Cycle Track (where Naomi cycles most days.)

Love and hugs,


"All rivers, even the most dazzling, those that catch the sun in their course, all rivers go down to the ocean and drown. And life awaits man as the sea awaits the river."

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