Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Morning and welcome to Monday in Australia - a beautiful crisp spring morning holding the promise of a beautiful day.

I am feeling a little better and a lot excited about going to the airport to meet Rebecca and Nick.  They are due in at 11.25.a.m. (four hours from now - not that I am counting or anything like that.)

We had an sms from Singapore last night.
"Hello from Singapore.  All okay with us. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.   Love R and N"

Naomi is home from her long weekend away - they travelled home by car - and I suspect that my daughter would much prefer to fly.

I received a lovely email this morning and want to share the link to a special 3 minute film - take time and watch - it is beautiful.

There is beauty to be found all around - in the small things and in the special times with friends and family.

Lovely phone calls are special too - spoke with Ilona and Narelle yesterday and that brought joy to an otherwise very quiet day.

I didn't get very much done over the weekend but it will happen and I will achieve when I am over this cold.  I have been tidying out Naomi's bedroom and decided to turn it into a sewing room/reading room - somewhere quiet where I can leave the machine out and go back to sewing.   Not that I am anticipating doing much sewing but it will be lovely to go through my sewing things and get rid of some "junk" and get things more orderly.  Well it sounds good to me - hope it works out.

I have joined a Group on line called "Liver Transplant" and reading the mail from the group has been great - the sharing of things that have happened to many people makes me realize that my journey has been relatively "normal" and my fears and tears quite common.  It is good to share things - knowledge is power and strength.  It was a positive step to join the group. It is an American group and it is interesting to share the different approaches across the globe. It is not a medical advice site, just one where people are met and friendships formed.

Off now to feed the fish across the road - I think my neighbours are home today too - so I shall miss the little fishy - it has been special for me to be able to do something for someone else.  I have been so restricted for so long.

Love and hugs to you all - and I wish you a great day/night and a heart filled with peace and calm.

"It is through accepting other people in our own countries that we shall come to respect our neighbours and be respected in our turn."

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