Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Good Morning - welcome to Wednesday - special day for me.  

Today it is 40 weeks since my transplant and her I am alive and well.  It is a special day for me as I look back and see how far I have come and how much better I am now.  My thoughts drift to my Donor family as this marks a milestone for them too - it is 40 weeks since they lost their loved one.  I remember them with gratitude and affection.  It was a brave and noble decision made at a time of great stress in their lives.

I am sharing something I wrote in August.


Some time in each and every day
No matter what I say or do,
There comes that quiet moment
When my thoughts turn to you.

I never ever met you
And yet I know you well,
Your courage and your kindness
In spite of the fate you befell.

Your family must have loved you dearly,
For they allowed your wishes to be
They stepped forward and signed the papers
And you gave the gift of life to me.

At a time when their hearts were breaking
They heeded your clear request,
Part of you was implanted in me
What a wonderful bequest!

A part of you lives on in me
And allows me to see the sun.
I celebrate the new life I have
And see it as a battle won.

I find new joy in little things ~
The beauty all around,
The sun, the moon the autumn leaves,
The friendships I have found.

The days move on and I cherish so much
And no matter where or what I do,
There comes that quiet moment
When my thoughts turn to you.

© Linda J. Vaughan
Sunday August 8th. 2010

It is school holidays in South Australia and Melinda, Damon and the children went to the Jamestown Show at the weekend and here are photographs of the children after their face painting.

 Grace (5)

Henry (3)

I spent a little time with them last night and it was lovely to hear their chatter about clowns and balloons, ice creams the fun time they had.

It was great to be able to go to the Airport and have a wander around while we waited for Nick and Rebecca to arrive.  So very good to see them - they look well (although they are very tired) and seem to have had a wonderful time.  They have done lots of walking and browsing and admiring that great City of London.  They managed a couple of shows at The Globe Theatre which is great.
We took them home and they went to bed.  The catching up will happen soon.

Naomi and Alexis seem to have brought the flu home from Melbourne so I won't be seeing them for a few days.  My whole family is very aware how vulnerable I am to catching infections and always stay away when they are not well.

Off now to enjoy my day and do some organizing in this sewing room I am planning. (it is a slow process but a nice one.)

Take care, enjoy your day, be happy and be safe.

Love and hugs,

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." 

 Albert Einstein

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Sounds like a lovely day all round *hug*