Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Morning from Adelaide on a very cool but dry Sunday morning - it is a glorious Sunday morning - birds singing and that lovely Sunday quiet.
Breakfast over and I am listening to one of the audio books I have on loan from a friend.   Oh the bliss of Sunday Morning!

Bliss until I think of dishes and things to be put away after the barbeque last night.  We started the dishwasher last thing last night and left it to sing its way into the night, but there are always the things that need to be sorted.

It was a lovely evening - we ate outside but soon hurried inside because it was just too cold.  Lots of lovely salads, steak, chicken etc. etc. and a beautiful cake made by Alexis.  Rebecca really enjoyed her evening and her lovely gifts.

We saw a slideshow of holiday shots from London, Oxford and Bath from Rebecca and Nick's holiday and then so very different, the photographs taken by Naomi and Alexis during their time in Broken Hill.

It was lovely for me to be with my family, to share their news and celebrate life and happiness with them. To share music of their choice (Rebecca had put together some lovely jazz music and it was beautiful.) 

I sat back and took in the scenes and liked what I saw.  Daughters confident and happy, their partners fitting so well into our family, and friends we love and cherish.  The banter between a Father and his daughters - them trying to teach him to dance and laughing together.  Turning at one stage to see Rebecca and John head to head and sharing some tender thoughts.  Smiles and laughter from friends part of it all - I am blessed indeed.

It was a very late night for me and I don't think I will be up to doing much today so will be taking it quietly.  The laundry can wait until tomorrow as can lots of other things.  I have things I can do sitting quietly at my desk and I  have some mental organization to do bearing in mind it is only 55 days to Christmas.  I belong to a Christmas on line Group and I have committed to being part of a Christmas Card Exchange and will get those cards organized and the envelopes done today. So for me it is a special Sunday - a special day - but then for me each day is special - they are all good to be alive days.

However you spend your Sunday, wherever you go - celebrate life and all that it holds.  Your family, your friends, your job, the little achievements of your children, the joy of a friend's care.  Enjoy it all and stay safe and warm.

Love and hugs,

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family:
 Whatever you call it,whoever you are, you need one."

Jane Howard 

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