Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello from later in the day in Adelaide - now 7.30.p.m. in the evening after a very warm and windy day - great for washing and boy did I seem to have a lot to do - it is all dry and inside again and smells great.  Today was just about as warm as I like it to get - so I think that should be summer.

Have worked in that room again and sorted some more cupboards and the law books have gone - to be recycled and my rubbish bin is full again although it was only emptied this morning.  

Naomi and Alexis came in yesterday and we spent a lovely time and Naomi is very pleased with what I am doing with her room (of course she is - I am doing the work and it means she doesn't have to - but it has to be done.
Ray has gone to spend some with with Melinda and Damon and kids and he has taken quite a lot of toys and books with him for the children so that's one way of recycling them.

Rebecca and Nick are back at work today and I haven't heard from them - they may well be jet lagged enough to be off for a very early night.

Naomi and Alexis are off to drive to Broken Hill tomorrow to see a friend who has just bought a house there. It will be a great trip for them - only a few days and I am sure they will enjoy the difference that IS Broken Hill.  I liked Broken Hill and Silverton (where Mad Max was filmed.)

It is Monday and that means Memory Monday - and there are lots of memories I could share from days long gone and those more recent.  One I choose to share with you is a memory of music - I was in ICU and could hear gentle music being played and I realized that there was a young lady sitting outside my door playing beautiful tunes on a guitar.  It is a memory which I shall cherish because it gave me contact with the real world where music is part of life. Somewhere in my drugged state I felt nourished and a little stronger to hang on and struggle to get back to health.  Whoever the young lady was how fortunate I was to have her cross my path and what a beautiful thing for her to do.  She moved from room to room and played music for most of the afternoon.

I am really tired tonight and I think tomorrow will be a much less busy day and I shall take some rest time.  I hope wherever you are in our beautiful world that life is calm and peaceful for you, that you have sweet and peaceful sleep and that you feel well and happy.

Some friends in the northern hemisphere have been sharing photographs of their beautiful trees in the full bloom of autumn and I have enjoyed those very much. Here in Australia fruit is setting on the trees and I noticed apricots and figs on the trees at Naomi and Alexis home.  Tomatoes are being planted and I am very glad about that - I love home grown tomatoes. 

Love and hugs and safe travelling to you all, wherever your journey takes you

"A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins."  

Laurie Colwin

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Aletha said...

Oh wow that is so beautiful the music, to here that and who ever that lady was what a gentle soul she is. I also love home grown tomatoes. You have a wonderful day.