Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh the bliss of a spring Sunday morning - steaming coffee and super crunchy peanut butter on cape seed toast (Bakers Delight) - the sun on my back and a song in my heart.

The day is glorious and the sky is blue, birds are on my lawn eating bread I had put out for them and my cat is there too - eating bread.  By the time I got the camera they had of course all gone away.

I had a very late night last night and this morning has me feeling a little foggy and slow, but that's fine it was worth it.  Dinner out was lovely - Grange Golf Club - menu superb and quiet and mellow atmosphere - it was great.  Lovely food, lovely service and staff were lovely too.  Young and beautiful people.  The plant was coffee and cheese and nibbles back at Ilona's afterwards, but everyone was too full.  I did manage some cheese and crackers to take away the sweet taste of my pecan pie and butterscotch ice cream.

I was in bed at 12.30 much later than normal but I did it and enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the company of friends and being picked up and dropped at home was a lovely bonus.  Thank you Dianne.

Ilona, who at sixty did a parachute jump tells us she may do the same again when she reaches 70.  Brave or insane - not sure which.

I have been working sorting through things in Naomi's room again this morning - Kids books that were favourites (which I can still recite word perfect from reading so often.) so lots of memories there.  Some I am keeping because I just can't part with them, others are going to Grace and Henry.

Then there is the monstrous pile of Law Books which were out of date when we acquired them but served their purpose, and now which are very old and may just have to be recycled. 

Special for me this Sunday morning is the fact that I found a book I used to read to the children and sat and reread it - and found that I remembered word for word the story - I held in my arms a Teddy Bear called "Antic" while I read the book and took a stroll down memory lane - special indeed.

I have some television to watch and will spend the day quietly - will see Naomi and Alexis during the afternoon and then probably have an early night tonight.

It is a beautiful good to be alive Sunday and I hope it is for you too.

Love and hugs,

"Do not let Sunday be taken from you...If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan." 

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