Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello there and welcome to Sunday in Australia - I missed posting yesterday.  The day went by in such a blur of many things and then when I sat down to blog I was so tired, I gave up and went to bed.

I am here now - popping in between doing other things and off again soon.  Today is a beautiful spring day - clear blue sky, sunshine, gentle wind and singing birds.  A truly glorious Sunday..

Special things to be remembered and shared with you today are things like, the look on my younger daughter's face when I gave her two sweat shirts that had been her firm favourites in younger years.  She beamed and then said "so beautifully laundered too".  One was from her hockey days and the other the "Sweathog" top she pestered and harped and craved for so long.

Special too are conversations with my elder daughter - we chatted early this morning and it is lovely to find that not only is she a daughter but she is a friend.

I am doing fine and my TRANSPLANT FRIENDS AUSTRALIA Facebook page now has 29 members - "build it and they will come" it is slow getting going but lovely when those who join share their journey. It has members from all around the world - the fears are the same the world over and so too are the joys and it is great to be able to share internationally. 

Orange and Poppy Seed muffins and coffee with Alexis and Naomi early this morning - what more could I ask for on this beautiful day - good company, good conversation, good coffee - it was great, but we rushed a bit - they are busy and so am I.

One of those weekends when everything happens at once.  Janis and Allan - happy trails to you as you venture on with your holiday - sorry not to catch up this time - next time.  Be safe on the roads.

Some nasty traffic mishaps here on our roads this weekends - two young women who were "car surfing" fell and were hit by a passing car causing their deaths - what a futile loss of life.  Three others from South Australia travelling to Victoria for the weekend were involved in a head on collision with a big truck, causing that to impact with two other trucks.  Three dead and such trauma for the truck drivers. Traumatic too for the Ambulance personnel and Police who have to attend.  So please be careful on the road, stop if you are tired and take a break.  Better to arrive late than dead on time.

However you spend your weekend I wish you love and laughter and for the sun to shine in your little corner of the world (or if it is nighttime - perhaps a sparkly diamond studded sky on a moonlit night.

Love and hugs,

"Women's propensity to share confidences is universal. We confirm our reality by sharing." 

Barbara Grizzuti Harrison 

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