Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wear a pink ribbon.

Hi there on Sunday evening from me  - two blogs in one day but I thought I would pop in and say hello while I relax and wait for dinner to cook   Chicken and vegetable casserole in the oven and smelling good.

I have a lovely photograph to share with you of a beautiful baby -

Her name is McKenzie Renee and she is the great granddaughter of my friend Cheryl in Indiana. This photograph was taken when she was a week old (she is only 9 days now).
I think she is beautiful - such lovely dark hair - she is a sweetheart.  She reminds me so much of my own Rebecca who has a 36th. birthday this coming week.

The family are all delighted and Cheryl's little Great Grandson Brennan is having to cope with someone else snatching the attention.  I am sure the two little ones will keep the whole family very busy.

That family is growing in leaps and bounds - Cheryl had a another Great Grandson born in August - his name is Alexander Vaughn.

It has been a busy day - started with coffee and orange and poppy seed muffins very early with the family and then it was "scatter" when everyone went where they had to go.
Nice to see them and see them looking well.

I have been in and out all day and now am tired - I suspect after dinner I shall be having an early night again.  I have just had a drink of water - clear and cold in a beautiful wine glass - well I can pretend can't I.  I am going to be looking after this liver very well so no wine for me.  As much as anything I think the glass is important and I am starting to use my "good put away for special times" things - because every day is a special time.  I am using good glasses and good dinnerware and wearing perfume just because I can.

I picked some roses from my garden this morning - a lovely apricot colour and will share a photograph of them:

That's about all I have time for before dinner and then it will be a lovely hot shower and off to bed with my book.

Enjoy your evening or your Sunday when it gets here for you.

Take special care and remember tomorrow is Breast Cancer Awareness day - so wear a pink ribbon.  Wear it for your Mother, your sister, your wife, your daughter, your cousin or your friend - wear it for you.

Love and hugs,

"Optimists convert stumbling blocks into stepping stones."

W. Howard Wight, Jr

Watch this Youtube of Melissa Etheridge who first hand fought the battle against breast cancer.

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