Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here it is already Sunday afternoon here in Adelaide on a typical spring day - windy but not cold.  Slightly overcast sky and a very quiet city this morning.

We have commenced daylight saving so officially we are on "summer time" - I like the lighter evenings so have lots to look forward to.

I do seem to have a head cold today - and no energy so I am not going to get done as much as I had hoped this long weekend.  I had a list of "to do" things, but they can wait.  I have been to buy some Paracetamol and will take that only if really needed. Thought I would collect some of my medication too, but my Pharmacist is taking advantage of the long weekend and was closed.  I have enough - that is something I am very particular about.

Messages from both our girls yesterday - Naomi bragging from Melbourne about the win by Collingwood over Saint Kilda and Rebecca saying that she will see me Tuesday at the airport. Both are well and enjoying themselves.

There is a real quiet atmosphere here - a holiday mood I think and it is lovely - particularly good when I have a headache.  Neighbours are quiet too.
Neighbours across the road are on holiday interstate and I am feeding their goldfish every day - I am sure he seemed pleased to see me this morning.

On a holiday I always think of those who have to work - nurses, doctors, ambulance officers etc etc.  There is no holiday there - they have to maintain staff on duty and I acknowledge them today.

When at the shopping centre this morning I met a friend I haven't seen for a very very long time.  She was Rebecca's school teacher at one time and we have held the friendship (albeit by a slender thread).  First things she said "Gosh Linda you are looking well"  I nearly had to pick her up off the floor when I told her my story.  It was great to see her and just to catch up for a while.

I think I shall be having an afternoon nap today - or at least a rest and do some reading. 

Don't go worrying about me - I have a cold and just have to be careful and I will be.  Medications are all taken and apart from the blocked up nose and stuffy head I am really really well.

Enjoy your weekend - enjoy Life. !

Love and hugs,


Diane said...

Frost expected here tonight, take care of that cold..

Hug Diane

Linda said...

Thank you Diane for your care - I will be fine - just a very stuffed up head. Stay warm - is the frost early or normal for this time of year?

Love and hugs, Linda.