Monday, October 18, 2010

This is Monday afternoon in a sunny city of Adelaide.  The morning started cold and grey but soon cheered up and presented a lovely day.  A gentle wind is blowing and the sun was warm on my back as I sat outside and read at lunch.

Naomi and Alexis called this morning and shared their Broken Hill holiday shots - it was lovely to see them and their photographs.  We had lovely coffee and warm muffins.  A special time.  I watched with delight Naomi and her Dad and listened to their banter - he is a great Father.  In the mail today I received a postcard from Broken Hill - thoughtful silly girl.  

I have been sorting through my writing - a monumental task as it is completely out of control.  It is 21 months since I first took ill and my writing was put on the back burner.  I have started blogging it on

it is a slow process and I shall probably post one poem each day - some older ones and some new ones. It is great to feel motivated again.  I seem to have lost 21 months of my life - but not really - I have had a 21 month learning period.  Yes,  it has been a long hard road and I still struggle at times, but I am overwhelmed at the support I have received from everyone and I am so grateful and glad to be alive.

Monday memories are of puzzles.  I found a box of jig saw puzzles from when the girls were little and it was great to watch Naomi doing them this morning. Each puzzle has a letter written on the back so that we could sort them into "puzzles" without getting them mixed up.  The feeling this morning was that we should send them to Grace and Henry (I bet Melinda will be delighted - hehehehe) but if she keeps them in little bags they should not cause too much mess.  She will probably remember that the rule was that you don't bring more than one puzzle out at a time out and then when you have finished you pack them up.  Wonderful memories of wet winter afternoons and puzzles.

It is delightful to revisit these memories and rather nice to pack up the puzzles ready to go to Jamestown.  

Nearly time for me to think about dinner - food doesn't really interest me but I know I have to eat and I do. Probably steak and salad tonight as I am a little tired.  I have been tidying up in the garden and doing some weeding and I am glad it is done, but I don't find pleasure in gardening.  Although I checked my "Eiffel Tower" rose and there are lots of buds there and I am looking forward to that.  The fragrance is beautiful.

Have a wonderful evening or if It is night time in your little corner of the world - I hope you wake to a wonderful Monday - a day filled with the joy of living and an appreciation of all those wonderful things that make your life complete.

Listen to The Bangles and Manic Monday.

Enjoy your day and spread a little kindness in our world,.

Love and hugs,

"On Saturday, I was a surgeon in South Africa, very little known. On Monday, I was world renowned." 

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Diane said...

Thanks Linda for the share. I always look forward to a little bit about my Internet friend in Australia, do you realize we have known each other Thur the Internet for 7 or is it 8 years. It all started back in WOSIB amazing isn't it.