Monday, November 22, 2010


It is almost the end of a very very warm day - the sun has gone down but it is still very warn and that is forecast for a couple more days and then cooler days with some showers.

This warm weather makes the plants grow and I swear my tomato plant is much bigger this evening than it was this morning.   And the joy of being a gardener - I have 17 tomatoes on my bush and I talk to it every morning and be sure it knows how proud I am.   

Today started off busily but then slowed down and I have spent most of it inside out of the heat - I really don't like it at all, but this is Australia and this is almost summer so it has to be dealt with.

I shall be off to bed very soon as it is after 8.15 Monday evening and I need to rest.  I tire so easily but I guess that is part of the whole trauma my body has been through.  

I was in at work this morning and talking to Major Peter and he asked how I was and what stage I was at this time last year and I told him at this time I was failing fast and didn't think I would make it much past Christmas but look at how much has happened and here I am alive and well and thankful.

I spent some time recently talking to Heather (Manager) and between us we have decided that I should not return to my position at Reception because of the continued exposure to the general public and the risk of infections, so my time at reception is over and I am a little sad about that because I loved it.  It was something I loved doing but my contact with the Salvation Army will be maintained because I can do things behind the scenes - phone calls, filing etc and I can still maintain the friendships I have made there.

It is part of the changes that happen in life - I thought I was set in a position doing what I loved doing - but not to be - I believe there is something else planned and it will be revealed with the time is right.  I can't and shouldn't push to find out the path.  Honestly I am not really reliable because there are days when I could not go in anyway so it is the best resolution to the situation.  Just a change of direction and who knows what is around the bend on my journey.

It is time for me to get off to my bed and try to get some sleep.

Good night to those in the Southern Hemisphere and to those in the Northern Hemisphere - I wish you a wonderful day and then when nighttime comes for you - a sweet and dreamless sleep.

So for me it is time to cast off the mooring ropes and drift off on the 
dream tide.

Goodnight and love and hugs,


Aletha said...

Linda, we all love what we do but there is plans for you like you said and the Lord knows what is best for you. Oh you are lucky take a picture of your tomato plants so we up in the Northern hemisphere can remember back to our summer and our gardens.

Diane said...

OH well LOL I posted and an accident down the road so forgot and it got deleted . It was meant to be you seem to be taking it well and that a good sign..
Hugs From Me..

diane louise