Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Welcome to my world and welcome to my Wednesday - only 3 more sleeps until Christmas - I am excited and happy about it.

The image of these gifts makes me pensive and thoughtful - I am so very aware of the many gifts I have received. 

It is 51 weeks today since I received the wonderful gift of a donor liver which has turned my life upside down - in fact it gave me life.  The fact that someone had to die to enable me to receive this gift is a difficult thing for me to handle at times.  But I know that my donor celebrated life by giving me this gift.
At this time of year I pause to think of his family and friends - every milestone for me is a milestone for them on a very different journey.

I acknowledge their pain of loss and their sadness that he will not be with them at this special time of year.  I have been blessed to be able to write to his family and to let them know that they will be in my thoughts at Christmas time - as they are very often on each day.

The gift of family and friends - what can I say - I love them for their support of me, their care of me and for the cherished times we spend together.

It is also that time of year when we recall and remember those who are no longer with us our table to share, special friends who gave love and laughter and the tenderest of care.

I remember a very special man with a wonderful sense of humour and a big booming laugh who walked with me, talked with me, counselled me and loved me and I miss him.  I miss the early Sunday phone calls.  
Neville - you live on in my heart and I hold Mary and Narelle and all your family close to me this Christmas time.

"Never A Christmas Morning, never The Old Year Ends
But Somebody Thinks of Somebody, Old Days, Old Times,Old Friends"

I have been up for hours with all sorts of thoughts running through my head - I still have a few things to do for Christmas day, but not much and a couple of appointments to keep, and will get those done early in the day if I can.  Our weather is heating up and we are to have a hot day for Christmas - something we haven't had for quite a few years. 

For those for whom Christmas will be different and sad I hold you very close in my thoughts and hope that the day passes with some joy for you.

I wish you a calm heart and special memories as you spend these final days in the lead up to "The most wonderful time of the year."

Love and hugs,

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Aletha said...

I sit and read your blog and know that their is joy in your heart to so enjoy this christmas with your family and friends. I am so happy for youi Linda