Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Nearly Over.

We have had a lovely cool day in Adelaide - gentle breeze and I have had a lovely day.   Not done very much apart from a little bit of shopping this morning and collecting a parcel from the Post Office.

I went to Office Works (a fatal move) and of course couldn't come out without buying some things.   Some lovely Christmas stationery and card making kits all drastically reduced - a good buy and all I have to do now it put it away, remember that I have it and remember where I have put it.

I picked up Narelle's Mum and brought her home for a few hours and we had lunch and a long chat.  It was a lovely time and I shall miss Mary when she leaves Adelaide on Saturday morning to go home to Murwillumbah.  Fortunately I shall see her a couple more times before she leaves.  She has been here with Narelle since early December and is only going home now because she has a specialist doctors appointment to keep.

This afternoon on the way home I called in to see Ray and found him babysitting Grace and Henry.   It was lovely to see them and they were quite excited.  Grace was dancing like a ballerina and Henry was doing somersaults - Oh to have that energy.   They had both been to the Dentist and have to come back to Adelaide on February 8th. for follow up appointments.  They come to the city quite often, and I love seeing them when they do but it must get tiring for them all the time.  The children are good in the car because they have been doing it virtually all their lives.

They will be on the road now on their way home and the children should sleep in the car so it should be a peaceful trip home.  The journey takes about two and a half hours.

Some Australian children returned to school today after their long summer break but South Australian children don't go back until next Monday - 31st January.  The long summer break has been about 8 weeks and they are tired and need to get back into routine again.

The shops are full of frustrated mothers and children buying their supplies for next week. I am guessing that there are going to be lots of relieved parents when next week does get here.

My friend Vicki is now in Melbourne after a fairly painful ambulance journey today - she has a lovely room overlooking the Bay and has television etc. So she will be comfortable while they try to get her pain under control.

Well that's about the story of my day and it is bedtime for me - an early ish night and I hope sleep is my companion.

We are forecast a hot day tomorrow and then warm days for the rest of the week - well this IS Australia and this IS summer - so we have to expect it.

I have seen some fairly harrowing images taken of the clean up in the flood areas in Queensland and it is very hard to take it in - the absolute damage that has been caused - the mud, the stench and the heartbreak.  The people of Queensland and Victoria are going to need a lot of help for a very long time.

So my friends it is Goodnight from me - take special care of yourselves and I will blog again very soon to keep you up to date on my health and my life.

Love and hugs.

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