Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Good Morning from Adelaide on a beautiful, relatively cool summer morning.  The sky is blue, birds are singing and all seems calm.  I have just picked a tiny tomato from my plant and eaten it - it was lovely.

Sitting here in the quiet with coffee and toast for breakfast - a lovely start to my day - each day is a special one for me.  I take it and grasp it with both hands and I am grateful and so glad to be alive.

Today is 55 weeks since my transplant - one year and three weeks.  Wow - where has that time gone and so much has happened.
It was a journey not without difficulty and challenge but a journey I did not make alone.  I was so carefully and prayerfully supported by so many people.
In recent conversations with my family it is becoming very clear to me just how difficult those days were for them.

I am proud of the way they rose to the challenge and cared for each other while  I was in good hands and cared for very well - they needed each other and were there.  It was difficult for them trying to keep their own lives in control and do their jobs.I recall both of my daughters talking to Medical staff and often posing some challenging questions.  I am very grateful to them and very proud of them.

Wild winds and rain have lashed the State of Queensland overnight and caused more flooding and power cuts.  My heart aches for these people.  Victoria is having dreadful flooding problems too - I have just heard that they are evacuating several towns in the Wimmera area. I caught the end of a news bulletin and heard that there are floods too in the Northern Territory and northern New South Wales.  In parts we are a land in drought and in others we are a "wet brown land" and it distresses me to see so many people in such trouble.  However, I am heartened and encouraged to see the spirit of the people and the way they are helping each other.

Other issues evolve after flooding - health issues, lack of clean safe drinking water and broken hearts and broken lives.  There is much to be done to heal the wounds of this country and it's people.   Crops are lost and businesses ravaged - it is going to be a long long time in recovery.

There is joy to be found in sorrow - the little girl shot in Tucson, Arizona was an organ donor and helped several people and the Canadian Police Officer killed  when his car was hit by a stolen snow plow was also an organ donor. Two little children now can see because of his gift - he was a father and would be pleased to know that little children can see because of something he had done.

My life has changed considerably - I have been registered as an organ donor for many years, but now I am so aware of how special and important it is.  I am very aware of the difference it can make to lives and families.

In Australia you can register here:

Those in other Countries - check your Country/State details.    

Please be sure to register and have the conversation with your family so they know your wishes.

As the day comes to a close for those in the Northern Hemisphere, I wish you a pleasant evening and a sweet and peaceful sleep.   Gather your loved ones around you and hug your kids.

To those reading this "Down Under" have a great day - try to enjoy your work and to those with children still on School holidays - do something special with your kids (cook, picnic, museum) something that makes memories - those young children days are all too soon gone.  Be safe and take care in the summer sun.

Love and hugs,

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