Saturday, January 29, 2011


A beautiful clear, bright and shiny summer Saturday morning and I am home from doing my grocery shopping early.  All the shopping is put away and I have been watering my tomato and other plants getting them ready for some very very hot weather - today we are forecast 39 (102.2), tomorrow 42 (107.6) and Monday 41 (105.8)- Oh what joy that brings (not) to my soul.  But I have to remember that this is Australia and this is summer.   I have a large umbrella shading my tomatoes from the burning sun.

I bought a new hose pipe today for watering and have been using it and playing in water - oh the joys of sprinkled feet and the cool feeling when the wind blows on wet clothes. 

When I think of where I was at last year this weekend - I was very unwell and struggling to cope with a newly diagnosed Stevens Johnson Syndrome and ICU and surgery again and again.   How blessed I am to be as well as I am and to only have such minor problems as skin damage - lots of people have eye damage and many other issues.  I was blessed too that it did not damage the skin on my face and neck.  I remember very well this Saturday and the uncertainty of mind and heart as they talked about flying me by helicopter to the burns unit at our Royal Adelaide Hospital and then decided against it.  I would have liked a ride in a helicopter but under very different circumstances.  One day I will do it and be well enough to really enjoy it.

Oh the joys of little things - coffee on a hot morning - watering the garden, a phone call from a friend, and the sheer joy of a whole weekend unplanned before me.  Just going to let it happen as it will and enjoy it - but I can assure you I will be keeping out of the heat.

I can read, watch dvd or programs I have taped, write letters, do a crossword puzzle or two.  A day just to be enjoyed and on which to celebrate good health and great medical care.

To my snowbound friends - I know you are tired of it but it will soon come to an end and you too will have summer days.

Enjoy your weekend and find joy in the little things.

Love and hugs,

This tag reminded me of Joan Baez singing Forever Young by Bob Dylan

you enjoy it too.

Joan was 70 on January 9 and I think that she is more beautiful today than ever.  She and Dylan certainly had their finger on the pulse.

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