Sunday, January 30, 2011


Welcome to Sunday on a very hot day here in Adelaide - it is going to be every bit of 42 degrees today  - I am bunkered in for the day with air conditioning and electric fans on  - I won't be going anywhere today.

A quiet day for me and a time to keep an eye on the Tropical Cyclone warnings for Australia's east and west coast.  TC Bianca in the west has been downgraded so may not cause too much damage, but the ones on the east coast are still causing great concern.

Please hold in thought the Johnston family - Bert is waiting for a liver transplant and got the call yesterday and went into hospital only to be told that the liver was not viable and now he has gone home to wait again - what a disappointment for them so let's hope and pray that they can find a liver for him soon.  He is very unwell and his photograph reminds me of how I looked prior to transplant.

This is Bert - a husband and father of two boys who is one of the very many waiting for transplant.  Please remember Bert and his lovely wife Carmen and their boys, and hold them close.

Here's hoping for more news about another organ becoming available very soon.

Wherever you are in this beautiful but troubled world - stay warm/cool and be safe.   Snuggle up with your kids and a book and hot chocolate if the climate is cold, and if you have the other extreme - find a cool spot and enjoy an ice-cold drink and some time with your children.

If you have to travel on our roads - please do so with care and safety.

Love and hugs to you all.

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Diane said...

Hi Linda saying prayers for your friend Bert. Stay cool! I see its pretty warm their in your home town..
Hugs Diane Louise