Sunday, February 27, 2011


Good Morning on Sunday - peaceful cool morning here today and holding the promise of a sunny afternoon and a temperature of 30 (86 degrees).  It is cloudy and still - how blessed we are to have such peaceful weather.  Some of the world   is freezing and having snow snow snow and, other places deluging rain and cyclones and they are such varying and extreme conditions.

We live in such a sad world where there is suffering and pain all over and it brought joy to my days this week to hear from a friend that her little Granddaughter had been born on Wednesday night late.

Welcome to the world Matilda Jane - sister to Riley - a very beautiful baby weighing in a t 10 lbs. 1 oz. 22 inches long and with a very protective big brother.  Congratulations Lauren and Chris.

This is Riley with HIS baby sister Matilda Jane.

It was a delight to hear such special news - I believe that a new baby is a promise that life should and must go on in spite of all the difficulties around us.  Welcome little promise we wish you a peaceful and calm life.  They have gone home from hospital and I got a message from Riley and Matilda's Grandmother saying "My cup runneth over" - isn't that beautiful.

I had dinner with "girlfriends" last night and it was lovely and then we sat and watched "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe"  - a film I had seen before but really enjoyed again.  Lots of funny things and I enjoyed the company and staying up late.   But boy this morning I am a tired girl.

I am supposed to be doing a movie this afternoon with friends but I shall have to be feeling more with it or I will sleep through the film.  Sunday afternoon - a movie and an ice cream - what a nice thing to do.

Busier week ahead with medical appointments and I know I am on a treadmill with them and locked into a grid of appointments.  I also know that I shall continue to keep these appointments - they keep me well and pick up any problems early enough to do something about them and I am thankful.

We have weather forecasts for the week quite within manageable ranges - so that's a blessing too.  Tomorrow (28th. February sees the end of summer here) and I have noticed already how the days are shorter, sun up later and going down earlier too.   How quickly the seasons roll on from year to year and I look forward each year to autumn days:

 " SEASON of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
   Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun; " 
John Keats.

I look forward to the beautiful leaves along the river bank and walking through them and enjoying the glorious colours of the world.

I am off now to enjoy my Sunday and wish you a sweet and peaceful sleep if nighttime is on it's way for you and to you all wherever you are in this still very beautiful world - I wish you a pleasant Sunday, some time with those you love, make that phone call you have been planning to, it will be appreciated.  Write a letter for no reason at all other than to bring a smile to a friend's face.

I have caught up this weekend with my letter writing and just have four more to pop in the mail and then it is all done - such a nice feeling.

Thank you for reading the " Musings of My Heart"

Love and hugs,

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