Thursday, February 3, 2011


I wrote this today for TC Yasi


We watched your storm clouds gather
And heard the threats of rain,
Anxiously we waited in fear
Our hearts were filled with pain.

Your size had us amazed
And we watched in awe
And waited very anxiously
For you to knock upon our door.

You chose the night to visit us
And lash upon our shore
If wishes could have altered things
You would have been no more.

We watched your every move
Our hearts were filled with fear,
That you meant to damage us
Was very very clear.

We left our homes and belongings
And went to higher ground
While you rattled round our coast
With a deafening eerie sound.

Finally you vented your anger
And hit land at Mission Beach,
You took our needed phone lines
Our loved ones we could not reach.

Oh the anger that you expressed
As through our towns you flew
Taking roofs and lots of buildings
Just as we thought that you would do.

You tore our trees out of the ground
And threw them in the air,
You damaged our precious Rain Forests
As if you would ever care.

You lashed our shores with water
And brought the teeming rain,
Yes,  you have hurt us
And caused us all great pain.

We have crops damaged and ruined
And families with nowhere to go,
We are bowed and bruised
But broken - Never No.!

Homes and business are gone
And source of income too,
Yes we are still worried
And wonder what we can do.

No lives were lost - you did not win
You had us very scared,
You tossed us round like corks,
As if you ever cared?

Difficult days are ahead for us
But our Australian spirit will go on
Cyclone Yasi - yes you visited us
But you certainly did not win.

©  Linda J. Vaughan
February 3rd. 2011

Love and hugs,

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Diane said...

Very good Linda: you got it right on the head with your poem, perfect..
dianelouise :)