Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hi there everyone and welcome to February and another day in the life of Linny - all is well in my little corner of the world.   

After a very restless/sleepless night due to heat and knowing that I had to be on the road early this morning - I was at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by 7.00.a.m. for blood tests.  The Staff there are lovely and I pretended not to hear the groan when they saw who their first patient was.  My veins are very deep and it is always difficult for them to locate an obliging vein.  We did it though and I was soon on my way to Lizzie's for my free coffee.  (Five and the sixth is free).

Then quickly home for a while and then off to Flinders for my Bone Density Scan. I was early (mostly I am early) and was out and on my way home before my actual appointment time.   The scan was done by the most delightful young woman named Rebecca and we chatted during the entire procedure - a very nice interlude on an very hot day.

We then took my Medic-Alert bracelet in to be buffed and re-engraved and then home to get out of the heat. Then I slept in the chair for quite a while and woke to a much cooler afternoon so I have opened all the windows to allow the cool breeze to go through the house and provide a much better environment for sleeping tonight.

My heart is sore and I am am very concerned about the people of Queensland who are facing a huge Tropical Cyclone TC Yasi expected to make landfall in the early hours of Thursday morning.  It is expected to make landfall as a category high 4 and predicted high tides, strong and damaging winds.  They are expecting tidal surges as high as telegraph poles.

I ask you to join me in prayer for this State of Queensland - all of this coming hot on the heels of the recent flooding.  Mandatory evacuations are taking place as I type and this evening every patient at the Cairns Base Hospital is 
being air-evacuated to Brisbane by Air Force and Charter flights - this of course means patients from ICU, premature babies and mothers about to give birth.

All elective surgery at all Brisbane hospitals has been cancelled to allow for this influx of patients.  Nursing staff will fly with them but it will be such a scary time for them, the Staff and families.

An image just published by the Bureau of Meteorology just a few minutes ago.

Thank you for your support and I shall keep you posted as to how things are going - a very frightening time for everyone - there is also the fear that as Yasi moves over inland Queensland she will gather strength and possibly head for Darwin. (They had their own Cyclonic disaster on Christmas Day 1974 with Cyclone Tracy.

Be safe wherever you are, be it summer heat, bushfires, floods, or winter blizzards - take care in the weather.'

Love and hugs to you all.


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Aletha said...

wow you are still going thru a lot and yes prayers will be said for the people of Queensland, wow so much going on down there. But you take care Linda.