Friday, March 4, 2011


Welcome to Friday and "Angeline is Always Friday"

"Clatter, the milkman at my doorstep,
Bustle, my neighbour at her tea,
In all the world no one's so glad to see the sun as me.
Angeline is always Friday, Angeline is spring forever;
Winter Angeline could never be."

(The Seekers 1968)

I hadn't listened to that song for many years and enjoyed doing so again and in all the world no one's as glad to see the sun as me.

Friday - and I wonder what sort of weekend plans you have in mind.  People to see and places to go?  Things to be done, fixed and mended, shopping and sharing family and friendship.

I have grocery shopping to do which I always choose to do early on a Saturday morning - shops are quiet and it defines the weekend for me.  The Supermarket where I shop always greet me cheerily and I enjoy shopping there (as much as I can enjoy shopping - I can think of lots of other things I would prefer doing.   I am thankful however to have the opportunity to do my own shopping and at my leisure.

My Echo Cardiogram went well yesterday and the results will be with my Doctor for my next Appointment on March 11th.  Parking at Flinders is a NIGHTMARE but we did get a park and were early for the appointment (as usual - we have this thing about being on time and invariably are very early.)  We then went shopping and I bought my copy of the new James Patterson release "TOYS" and I am having to be very good and finish the book I am reading before I start the Patterson.

Today is sunny and cool again after rather a chilly night - a hint of the autumn days ahead of us - Oh the bliss of autumn days.  My plan is to take a walk by the river on autumn days, kick through the leaves and just relish it all.  I am planning to take my book and my lunch and find a table at the river banks or even in my car if it is chilly - I really enjoy the fact that I am well enough to even think about doing these things.

Life is so busy for my girls at the moment with University now being back in session and conferences to organize and interstate trips to be done.  Their work does keep them busy and study certainly takes up lots of time.  There is always time however for a social life - and I am glad that they do take time to relax with friends and just wind down a little.

Wherever you are in this beautiful world I hope the weather is kind to you this coming weekend.  Perhaps those in our northern hemisphere will be able to see some sunshine and slightly warmer days again.  Spring is on it's way for you. 

I had an email from my Aunt who lives in Wales telling me that Spring was certainly on it's way for them - the daffodils were blooming as were the snowdrops and other spring flowers.  Special times of the year and special blooms. 

Enjoy your weekend - find some good company, some space and some time to nurture and nourish your inner self and thank you for calling by to read "The Musings of my Heart.

Love and hugs,

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