Thursday, May 26, 2011


Roger Whittaker - River Lady.

Welcome to Thankful Thursday and it seems rather strange for me to be blogging in the evening, but it has been a busy day and yet I don't appear to have achieved much.

I was out in the car this morning and took a drive past the river and found it cheerfully singing, babbling and rushing to the sea with gay abandon and it reminded me of the things that are constant in life.  The river kept flowing on every day I was away in hospital and all the other days I was not well enough to visit and spend time there.  This is an image of the River Dee at Chester in England and I haven't been there for many years and yet I know the river still flows towards the sea.  Constant indeed.

Is there a river in your life that stirs your memory? - listen to Roger Whittaker singing River Lady and think back to the times when our rivers were used for transport - Paddle Steamers, barges etc.  - all that energy used for transportation and to turn mill wheels.   There is something wonderful about water.
Although this morning the river looked grey and cold and very unwelcoming - the willows still stand weeping and the leaves still float down.  Truly beautiful.

Today I am thankful for the constant things in life - the things that don't change - the rolling of the seasons, the rushing of the river, the waxing and waning of the moon, sunrise and sunset.

I am also thankful for love and laughter and the chance to smile at myself and the silly things that I do, the things I forget, the times I repeat myself and in spite of these things I am still loved and cared for.

Find a river, lake, beach, pond, pool and sit beside it and let it wash your frustrations, anger, fatigue and sadness away.  Breathe in deeply and relish all your aquatic adventure brings your way.  Let your heart soar with the seabirds and come back to the shore refreshed in spirit.

I am thankful on this Thankful Thursday for you who visit and read "The Musings from My Heart."

Love and hugs,

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