Friday, June 17, 2011


Back Home Again - John Denver

Good morning and welcome to Friday (well it is in the southern hemisphere)  and the weekend is looming on the horizon and will no doubt be welcomed by everyone.  It is cold and sunny here but overnight we had extremely heavy rain in short bursts - enough to freshen things and give the garden quite a shine this morning.

The weeks are just zooming by and Friday is no sooner finished than it is here again.   I know that each week is the same length and takes the same amount of time to pass, but busy and contented weeks seem to fly and weeks when things are a little off key seem to take so long.

I hope you have some plans for the weekend - some time for yourselves, some time with family and a change in the routine that is the working week.  But we are only at Friday - enjoy that first and then embrace the weekend.

A Saturday afternoon birthday celebration for us for a young lady who turns 13 - where has the little girl gone ?  Happy Birthday Jessica - enjoy every moment of the celebration of your arrival at your teen years.

Apart from that and a little shopping - things will be quiet for me and quiet is good - I love the peace and solitude of my own company and I enjoy being able to do things at my own speed and ignoring the clock.

I found it cold during the night and can only imagine how cold those who took part in the "Sleep Out" to raise funds for the St. Vincent DE Paul Homelessness program.   Lots of business CEO's slept rough in parks, gardens all over Australia and were sponsored to do so thus raising funds.   Our "Sleep Out" took place at the Adelaide Zoo and that would have been an interesting night with all the animal noises.
Well done to all who took part and raised funds.  This sort of event gives a very real awareness of the plight of those who have no permanent roof of their own, who sleep rough in our cities each night, enduring cold, wind and rain.

Winter is well and truly with us in Australia and we are experiencing some flooding which brings to mind the emotional flooding and swamping that we often feel.  However deep your river or high your mountain I wish you courage and strength on your journey.  There are times on my journey when the winds blow and the sea is rough and my little boat is tossed around and I know it happens for all of us.  Winter is the time when I feel that our hearts long to be home - that safe place where it is warm.

I have been away from home for long periods of time and that lovely feeling of sleeping in your own bed cannot be described but more importantly it is good to be "at home" with yourself - comfortable with who you are and settled.    I have come to a time in my life where I honestly believe I am at home with myself, I like who I am, I am honest enough to embrace the fact that I am aging, comfortable with my beliefs and ethics and happy to enjoy this wonderful thing called life.

Perhaps some of you are travelling this weekend and going home - I hope it is a good journey and the time spent at home brings joy and warmth to your hearts and lives.

I wish you a sweet and peaceful weekend and some time spent in the home that is your heart - enjoying memories, thoughts and finding contentment.  Thank you for coming to to visit this part of my home - "The Musings from My Heart."

Be warm, be safe and be loved.

Love and hugs,

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