Saturday, June 18, 2011


A White Sport Coat and a PINK Carnation

Good Morning and welcome to Saturday Morning - grey and dismal in my fair City this morning - damp and misty but hopefully it will clear as the day progresses.

I have been shopping early and am sitting reading the shopping list I forgot to take with me - and you got it there are several items I have forgotten to buy.  Well never mind they are going to have to wait.  It's coffee time for me and time to forget the disaster shopping trip.  Nothing went right - but we all have those times and we cope and get over them.  Nothing drastic but it just didn't go to plan so I relaxed and gave in to it and did what I had to do and came home.

Pink is my favourite colour and the image above shows lots of shades of pink and I have been thinking (dangerous you say) about the phrases we use relative to the colour pink.

"In the Pink" - being well
"Tickled Pink" - absolutely delighted
"Strike me Pink" - Well, I'll be darned. 
"Seeing pink elephants" - after an over indulgence in alcohol
"Pink Collar: -jobs usually done by women

The organization raising funds for research into Breast Cancer has adopted the colour for it's campaign and the phrase "Think Pink" has come into effect.  Lots of companies have special promotions of their products in pink and an amount of money is donated to the research.   At different times during the year I can buy pink

clothes pegs
hand cream
toilet rolls
paper towels
shopping bags
mops and brooms
and I generally do buy them all.

My personal things are often pink and I have the following:  pink diary, address book, notebook, pen, bed linen, towels, glasses case, manicure set, travel bag, toiletries bag, nightdresses, shopping bags, jewellery, watch bands and so much more.  Gifts are often pink and one of my daughters matches the gift with wrapping paper and card (all pink).  Stationery, scissors, hole punch, stapler, notepad holder.  I have my eye on a pink keyboard and mouse but that's going to have to wait a while.  I also have an email address that includes the word pink.

Health wise I am "in the pink" and doing really well - life is good to me and I feel a warm and rosy pink glow - I feel quite mellow and at peace with my world.  I am about to go and pick a pink rose from my garden (I noticed it as I drove in this morning).

Whatever the weekend holds for you, wherever you are - I hope you feel warm inside and that there is peace in your heart.

Share the warmth by being a little kinder than you need to be - help someone carry their burden and enjoy every moment of every day.    Thanks for visiting and reading The Musings from My Heart" and I would be tickled pink if you would leave a comment for me - I try to respond to all comments and they are appreciated.

Love and hugs,

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