Thursday, June 16, 2011


Bonnie Tyler - Total  Eclipse of the Heart

Good Morning on this Thankful Thursday in a cold but sunny city of Adelaide.   Today I have so much to be thankful for - I am thankful for the wonders of earth, sea and sky.  I was out of bed at four this morning and all rugged up and outside in the cold to view the beautiful Lunar eclipse, but Mother Nature had other ideas - where I live the cloud cover only allowed fleeting images of this wonder.  When there was just a slice left to see of the moon the clouds cleared and I viewed just a sliver of a dusty red moon - it was beautiful.

I am fascinated by the moon and the pull it has on my life and the seasons of my heart and in a world where chaos reigns I feel glad to have been able to view this spectacle.  It amazes me that volcanic dust and particles from Chile were visible around the moon in my sky.  With all the rumbles under our earth and eruptions and earthquakes there is still beauty to be found.

My daily walk is good - the path is not too rough or steep and I can find peace and calm in my heart in spite of the troubles around me.  

Environmentally things are rough in many places, politically the world seems rather unstable and I take a keen interest in all things political globally, nationally and on a State level.  I make my voice heard where I can but with age has come the realization that there is precious little I can do about it all.  This doesn't stop me listening to news bulletins, reading newspapers on line and keeping in touch with ABC 24 when I am up at weird hours.  I am however, at the stage of my life where I can let things go a little in the knowledge that things will resolve themselves eventually.

Part of my sleep issue is the fact that I have trouble turning my mind off and spend long hours trying to change the world (from my bed of course.)  I do come up with some good ideas at times and yet at other times they are just flights of fancy.

My Father taught me to discuss, debate and cajole and I have passed that on to my girls and we often have political debates and agree to disagree at times, but it is lovely for me to see them make their stand and clearly enunciate their views.  Lots of big words and I love words.

My attitude of gratitude allows me to see things clearly for what they are - how rich I am and how truly blessed I am in so very many ways.   We are almost six months into the year - my word for the year is 'ATTITUDE' and it has served me well thus far.

So with an attitude of gratitude I am thankful today for family and friends who love me just the way I am, for health and medical teams, the comfort of knowing that there is someone at the end of the phone line to calm my fears should I need them.  I am thankful for the warm and comfort that winter foods bring - those lovely thick nourishing soups and home made breads.  For my warm and cozy bed I am grateful.

I hope you are able to be warm and dry today if winter lives with you - for those for whom summer is in residence - cool and shady places, cold drinks, swimming and just relishing the warmth around you - these are my wishes for you today.

Remember to be a little kinder, smile a lot more and learn to be at peace with yourself whatever the burden you carry.  Just do the best you can and live today - it really is all we have.

With a thankful heart I close now and am glad you visited to read "The Musings of My Heart" and I wish for you

A sunbeam to warm you,
A moonbeam to charm you
A sheltering Angel so nothing can harm you.

Dance on the wind.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

I too missed the eclipse but I knew it was there and that is enough for me at this stage in life.
Knowing that things will be missed and opportunities lost is something that was once hard to accept but is becoming easier. Age does that!

Linda said...

Age certainly does that - I have mellowed such a lot - although at times there are glimpses of that feisty young woman - but they are less and less. Doesn't mean I care less - it means I can accept that I can't change everything.

Love and hugs,