Wednesday, June 15, 2011


76 Trombones - music and lyrics by Meredith Wilson

Good Morning and welcome to Wednesday morning in a cold city of Adelaide, but the sun is shining and the frost is disappearing.  A crisp and good to be alive morning.

The significance of the number and the music is that today I celebrate 76 weeks post transplant and each day is a celebration and honour to the man whose gift gave me life.  My apologies if your day is filled with the music of 76 trombones - I know those things can get stuck in your head - an "ear worm" is what they call it and I know how frustrating it can be.

As you know Wednesdays are my favourite days although any day ending in "Y" is a good one and this Wednesday I am filled with the wonder of life itself, the surgery and the recovery I have made.

I am learning so much about transplant and also about Stevens Johnson Syndrome and all of it makes my life richer and gives me the chance to pass on information of other hungry minds.   Something I learned this week is that the nasal drip I am experiencing is due to damage to the mucous membranes of the nose.  I had been thinking it was to damage caused by all the tubes etc.

It inspires and delights me that there are support groups on line for almost any medical condition and that other caring people who have also taken the same journey are there to support others whose path is difficult.
There are groups who share emotional support and lots of love and care.
Some medical information is shared, but always we depend on our own Medical teams and specialists for advice and care.

I have established a Facebook Page called

and it is used for support and sharing of information - and we now number 49 members and it has taken a while - but we are getting there.  Interesting snippets of information from all over the world are shared about Transplant, Donors and life changing experience.  It is my joy to host that page - it isn't busy and over the next few weeks there will be lots of stuff around about the World Transplant Games which are being held in Sweden.

If you have a connection to Transplant in any way - come and join the group - bring your friends and share a positive experience, and learn how much this experience changes lives.   We are a group consisting of recipients of all (or most) organs - hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, pancreas - and we have members who are Donor Families and others who just share an interest in Organ donation, whose lives I have touched with my experience.


 - my blog about my journey is now becoming a platform for sharing the experience of others and the bumps along their roads - the journey of friends I have made in the transplant community.  The transplant community world wide is warm and caring and is very like a special family.

My fingers are cold and typing is difficult this morning, but the faster I type the warmer they become and of course the more errors I make. Spell check is wonderful, so too is the grammar check but there are always things that slip under the radar and for that my apologies.

Another sleepless night for me - but during the night an awareness came of how fortunate I am to be alive to go through sleepless nights and what an opportunity they are for deep and meaningful contemplation.  They can be a bit dangerous when I come up with topics for the blog that are slightly "off key" but I really do enjoy sharing my life with you - the ups and downs and bumps and the pure joy of being alive.

The things that bring me joy are love, laughter, care, compassion and friendship - just to name a few.  My bed was warm and I was comfortable but my heart reached out to those who have no warm bed and whose nights are long and cold.  Share some warmth - send some blankets to the homeless and get involved.

Over the years I have worked with homeless people and one of the magic experiences of my life was working  evenings on the "Soup Run" visiting the known haunts of homeless people in Adelaide, providing  them warm soup, sandwiches and some love and care.   It was a delightful time of my life and I shared experiences with many and listened to their stories and learned so much from them.  I was part of a team from The Salvation Army and it brought a greater sense of compassion and sensitivity to my life.

If summer is your companion - then enjoy the warmth and to those who are in the grip of winter - stay warm and safe.  I thank you for visiting and reading"The Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

This hungry mind thanks you for the information you provide, another gem to add to the knowledge base, Nasal drip! Wow