Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Perry Como - Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella.

Good afternoon and welcome to Ruby Tuesday - and this morning when I was thinking about my Blog for today it was raining and I was wishing I had this very pretty umbrella to shelter under.  I do have a pink and white one which is perfectly functional - but I really like this gerbera one.

I have been out driving today and encountered lots of road works (what a surprise!) so my travels took me longer than I hoped they would, and since coming home I have been exercising my brain by doing crossword puzzles with a friend.   Some we could manage but one we found rather difficult but it challenged us.

I have been to the Hairdresser this morning and share a picture with you so that those who don't know me or haven't seen me for a while know how well I am looking.

This is me - winter woollies on and ready for the cold.

That's me at my desk surrounded by all sorts of cards, photographs and my computer - all that things that make it my little corner of the world.  My safe haven where I spend a lot of time writing and connecting with the world.

The rain has gone this afternoon leaving us with a very watery looking grey sky and a gentle wind and a weak sun -  all the things that make it a winter day and one where I appreciate the warmth of home, comfort foods and a cozy bed at the end of day.

I hope wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can let a smile be your umbrella on a sunny, rainy, stormy  or windy day - whatever it is for you.  Let is shelter you from the storm of life and allow you to give shelter to others whose journey is a little rough.

If you are enjoying the warmth of summer days - remember to shine and to take care of your skin with sunblock and a hat etc. - enjoy splashing in the water and swimming and all the lovely summer fruits and salads and most of all cooking outside.  

If like me you are into winter - stay warm and cozy and enjoy it all - I do.  I love all the bare trees by the river and ripples on the water and the shadows cast by a watery sun.  This is my favourite time of year and I relish the soups, stews, casseroles and warm breads and I thank my lucky stars when I turn off the light for the night and snuggle down in warmth and comfort.

Today at the hairdresser we were talking about finger nails and it was this time last year I was going through the loss of all my finger and toe nails and it is amazing to see how well they have grown back and for that I give thanks.   It was a hard time because they caught on everything and I had to wear disposable gloves even to wash my hair.  How blessed I am.

I have a lovely coffee with me now and hope you can enjoy your drink of choice and feel refreshed.  If it is morning for you - hope your coffee does the trick, if it is a hot day - then a lovely refreshing chilled drink and if it is night then perhaps a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallow.

Wherever you are may you find joy in the little and simple things of life and pass your day calmly and in peace and I send to you my love and hugs and thank you for visiting and "The Musings from My Heart"
on this winter day for me.


Tiili said...

It is very wintry day here too, sunshine with a very cold wind. it is nice to pack on the winter woollies and walk around in it.

The gerbera umbrella is lovely

Linda said...

As soon at 3.30 came this afternoon the sun packed it's bags and was gone leaving only chill in the air.

Lovely time to be inside and warm. I wish my cat would make her mind up as to whether she wishes to be inside or out., At the moment she is the "Hokey Pokey" cat - putting her wholeself in and then putting her wholeself out again.

stay warm,

Love and hugs,