Wednesday, June 8, 2011


John Williamson - Galleries of Pink Galahs

Welcome to Wednesday - 75 weeks for me but who's counting?  I am and I am grateful for every day I live and for the beautiful country I call my home.   It is not the land of my birth, but I am Australian by choice and am often moved to tears by the beauty, majesty and cruelty of this "Wide Brown Land" and I love this song sung by Williamson who portrays such wonderful images in my mind.  For those who live overseas I am including some of the images that he presents in his song - This is my home.

Pink Galahs

Apricots preserved in jars
Oceans in the sun
Purple Hazes
Old River Gums Loxton, South Australia.
"Galleries of pink galahs,
Crystal nights with diamond stars,
Apricots preserved in jars,
That's my home.
Land of oceans in the sun,
Purple hazes, river gum,
Breaks your heart when rain won't come,
It breaks your heart.

It takes a harsh and cruel drought
To sort the weaker saplings out,
It makes room for stronger trees
Maybe that's what life's about.
Winter's come, the hills are brown,
Shops are closed, the blinds are down.
Everybody's leaving town,
They can't go on.

The south wind through verandah gauze
Whines and bangs the homestead doors.
A mother curses dusty floors,
And feels alone.
Trucks and bulk bins filled with rust,
Boy leaves home to make a crust.
A father's dreams reduced to dust,
But he must go on.

Tortured red gums - unashamed,
Sunburnt country wisely named.
Chisel-ploughed and wire-claimed,
But never, never, never tamed.
Whirlwind swirls a paper high,
Same old news of further dry.
Of broken clouds just passing by,
That's my home."

© John Williamson
Thank you John for this wonderful picture of my home.

On the home front I have so much to be thankful for - the little things that make life sweet, and living in such a beautiful place is such a great gift.

To those who live here - please enjoy this "Wide Brown Land" and for those who live overseas I hope this gives you just a glimpse of the beauty of my adopted Homeland.  I am sure your homeland is full of wonderful images and songs about them, but I just want to share mine.

I hope your journey is a smooth one and there are not too many bumps in your road, and if there are bumps I hope you have the courage and strength to cope with and overcome them.

I am often totally overwhelmed by the courage and strength of character of the people I encounter in my daily living.   Ordinary families living extraordinary lives and caring for sick children   and knowing that they are running out of time, and yet celebrate life.

Please pray for/light a candle for or just hold in thought this precious baby girl and her family.

This is Lilah Sophie with her sisters Jemima and Maddy.

"Lilah Sophie was born on October 20, 2009. She was not 'meant' to survive her pregnancy and certainly not live beyond her birth. She is an angel and an inspiration to all who meet her.

Lilah is living with a brain tumour which occupies nearly three quarters of her skull. It was discovered in utero at 20 weeks gestation and we were told it would be unlikely that she would survive the pregnancy. She did. 

She was induced at 7 months and was given less than a 5% chance of living beyond a few minutes. She did. 

Lilah's brain does not have the centres required for breathing, controlling temperature, hormone levels, movement, sight or the ability to learn. And yet she can do all..."
(written by her Mother on Lilah Sophie's Facebook page.)  If you have Facebook this link will take you to her page:

Keep on smiling, caring and loving and care for one another, keep the faith and remember to shine.

Love and hugs to you all and my thanks for visiting the "The Musings from my Heart." and for taking new steps on my journey with me.

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Tiili said...

Mr Wiliamson's love of this country shines through in his songs, especially this one. I am very grateful for all this land offers and it's diversity.