Friday, June 3, 2011


Enya - Hope has a Place.

"Under the heavens we journey far,
on roads of life we're the wanderers,
So let love rise, so let love depart,
Let hope have a place in the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in a lover's heart." 

Good Morning and welcome to Friday in my little corner of the world  - cold and as yet still dark.  Lovely crisp morning with bright and diamond like stars shining in my sky.

Here we are at the end of another week and I hope things are well in your special spot in this lovely world.   I hope your pathway is smooth and your journey not too difficult.

"On roads of life we're the wanderers"  and as you wander through your day I wish you hope in your heart and that encouragement comes to your day and your life.   So many I know are experiencing a rough path as they wander through their lives.

Friends are experiencing serious illness, others have problems at home and there are those who are dealing with grief in all is stages.  Nurture yourselves, take some time apart to rest and restore and work things through quietly and calmly - be at peace.

Our nights are cold here and my lovely warm bed calls early often, but last night I was out and about and was able to enjoy dinner with friends and then the concert of the Soweto Gospel Choir.
The colour, music, dance and excitement that these lovely people presented was a joy and my only real complaint would be that I was not able to understand lots of what they were singing.
I did however delight in such songs as Bridge Over Troubled Water, Swing Low Sweet Chariot and
This Little Light of Mine.

Watch and enjoy the Choir singing This Little Light of Mine at Mandela Day 2009 - enjoy a brief snippet of the magic they perform with smiles, fluid movements and dance and wonderful voices.

It was a lovely experience and so too was the interlude Diane and I had with an elderly lady who had ventured out on a cold winter evening on her own to see the choir.  She was a lovely soul who was a little unsure of where to go and what to do, we chatted and reassured her and encouraged her to take a taxi home rather than catch the bus.  I hope the concert brought some warmth and magic to her life and that she was able to relive it as she snuggled down in a warm bed.  She was delightful - another friend "met for just a few short moments of my day."

There is magic and charm to be had if you can rise above the difficulties which pull you down and I hope that somewhere in some small corner of your day you are able to find restoration and hope and enjoy the magic of music, laughter and love.

Take care, be a little kinder, stop to talk to someone who perhaps lives alone and you may be the only human contact they have in their day and I thank you for sharing my journey of hope and for visiting and reading "The Musings of My Heart.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

My little light is still shining and over this weekend I hope to have fanned it's flame into a very bright light indeed.

Linda said...

I hope your weekend brings you joy and light and that peace becomes resident in your heart.

Love and hugs,

Diane said...

Great posting this morning, we are having 90s for the next couple of days and you are into winter amazing isnt it. I especially love the part where you said contact some one as that might be there only contact that they had that day, what a great thing to do..
Enjoy your weekend

Hugs From Me