Monday, June 13, 2011


Wild Mountain Thyme - The Corries

Welcome to my little corner of the world - a grey and sunless holiday Monday here, but there is joy in the fact that I am warm and able to write from my heart.

I spent lots of time yesterday listening to the music that brings me joy and found among my collection a CD which features many folk songs and I have chosen one to share with you that I really love.  I really like folk music - it tells a story and often relates history to us.  

I could list so many songs like this that bring joy to me - but I would be blogging all day as there are lots of them.  Enjoy this visit to the Scottish Highlands and The Wild Mountain Thyme  This is something I used to sing to my girls when they were very little girls and I wonder if they remember it.

Music brings much pleasure all over the world and each Country and Culture has it's own style and theme and I am very blessed to enjoy music from many places.  The Irish love to spin a yarn and their music reflects so much of their lifestyle. My beloved Wales has special music that easily and often brings me to tears.   In spite of that the joy it brings overwhelms me at times.

Take some time apart and listen to the music that inspires you - it is time well spent.

Nothing exciting happening in my world today - and that's fine - normal, ordinary days are beautiful.
I have a daughter and her partner who are possibly stranded in Melbourne due to the cancellation of flights because of the Chilean Volcanic Eruption, but they are together and safe and will be home when they can be.  That is an hour by hour thing and we watch and wait.  They have had a wonderful weekend - museums, shows, galleries and bookshops all on their agenda.

I intend to do some chores this morning and then settle to write or read this afternoon.   I notice with it being a holiday how much quieter the roads are and I hope that others are enjoying this quiet.  I don't even think the birds are out of their beds yet as they too are quiet.  I guess it is too cold for them to feel the wind beneath their wings.

Holidays and changes in routine are good times to overhaul your way of thinking and make any changes to what has become humdrum and mundane.  I got out of bed much much later than normal and that is a change in my routine - not a big one but a lesson being learned - that it is okay not to be up.showered and dressed by 6.00a.m.   Old habits I guess are hard to break. 

I have three lovely pink roses on my desk and the fragrance is sweet and lovely and their image is a delight whenever I turn that way.  It fascinates me how they grow from season to season and that such beauty comes from dark, damp earth.  These are still blooming and I shall have to prune the bush soon, but I keep waiting for the blossoming to end for the season.

Winter roses on my desk.

It is a shame I can't share the fragrance with you but I assure you it is beautiful - it reminds me that we as individuals can bring beauty and fragrance to other lives by the sweetness and kindness we share.

Stay warm/stay cool and enjoy every moment of this sweet life.   Thanks for visiting and reading "The Musings from My Heart."

Love and hugs,

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