Sunday, June 12, 2011


Melissa Etheridge - I Run For Life.

Welcome to Sunday morning and it has been another restless night for me so be prepared for the wandering thoughts that often accompany those nights.  It is cold in Adelaide - but it is winter and if staying warm is on your agenda then I hope you are successful.  While snug and warm in my bed in the quiet of the midnight hours I have been thinking so much of others who can't sleep.

Those who can't sleep because of pain and for whom the medication gives little relief. Those who watch over others who are ill, those who nurse precious and sick children and those who grieve over a lost loved one.  And those who just can't turn off their minds and give in to sleep - I am sure in that category.

I have been thinking of the friends I have lost to breast cancer over the years - those who gave it their best shot, but didn't make it, those who underwent the torture of chemo and are still here with us, and those like Vicki who are still fighting.  Vicki is an on line friend who is giving this the fight of her life and who we stand with - "Fight like a girl" my Warrior Princess.  People are working and campaigning very hard for a cure and for relief from pain and so many are "running for life".  They have my unconditional support.

I hold close in thought these of my friends:

  • Delia
  • Grace
  • Sami
  • Ilona's Mum
  • My cousin Deborah
These are just a few - some won the battle and others did not.

Each one of us has a fight on the battlefield of life and whatever your fight is I wish you calm and freedom from pain and the kind of support I had when I was fighting my battle. 

Pain can be emotional pain too and that is very difficult to deal with and I wish you the courage and strength to face your demons and slay the dragons.

I am at a time of my life where I think my dragons are slain but I continue to fight to stay well and live each day knowing it is a bonus. I have an awareness of the fragility of life and encourage you all to live life to the fullest, be kind and help another on their journey.

There are so many ways we can help each other - a few kind words, a smile, a phone call or a letter in the mail when the going get rough.  We can be a cheer squad for someone who is struggling by just encouraging them.  Visit if you can and even if you can't find the words to say just being there is enough.   Hold a hand, stoke a fevered brow, leave a cake or some flowers on a doorstep - just be kind.

Doing these "kindness tasks" also adds to our own lives - it gives a feeling of warmth and the knowledge that  we are achieving in our own lives.  I know we can't all "Run for Life" literally  (I know I wouldn't have a hope)  but walk the walk, talk the talk and "run" emotionally with your friends.  Giving like this also means we take in some of the good feelings of life.

If summer is your companion I hope you enjoy it all - the splashing in the water (watch those children closely), the meals outside, the relaxing as a hot sun sets for the day - special times those "Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days of Summer".

Where I am it is a matter of staying warm and I much prefer the cold to the heat and already this morning I have bread baking and soup cooking two things which will assist me keep warm today.  A watery sun is shining, but it is shining and that's what I encourage you to do wherever you are - let your little light shine.

Enjoy your adventure today and every day and seek out the things you can do to make this troubled world a better place - it is true that you are only one drop in the ocean, but each drop can swell the tide.

Thank you for reading "The Musings from My Heart" and I send warm and caring hugs your way and wish you a safe journey.

Love and hugs,


Linda said...

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Iris Dolphin said...

I just wanted to thank you for this website.. My sister is fighting breast cancer for the second time. She won her battle about 10 years ago and now it has returned and it is likely to take her from me this time.. Prayers to everyone out there facing the same thing.