Saturday, June 11, 2011


Doris Day - Sentimental Journey 

Good afternoon from a very chilly city - well it is winter and it is what we should expect.   I am much later posting because I have been feeling a little unwell and have been fiddling with other things.  I have been sitting and sorting through some photographs - hence the sentimental journey.

I have not been doing any work, just staying warm and following the flights of fancy of my heart.  Some reading and lots of quiet rests with warm drinks.

Looking at the photographs I cannot begin to imagine where the years have gone and it is hard to realize that the beautiful young woman I drove to the Airport with her partner, is my little girl.  My first born - the one who paved the way - was the first born, first to go to school etc. etc. and it delights me that she is so happy but I would like to wind back the clock for a little while and spend some time with the child of my heart.

I know every Parent reading this will understand what I mean -it is great to see them grown, on their way and soaring, but there is that little yearning for childhood days.  My nest has been empty for a few years now and it is really fine but there are times when I become wistful for earlier days.

I have kept myself busy today by establishing two other blogs which will be small and have specific purpose - they are 


and this will be my daily challenge when given a prompt to write about.



the place to share random thoughts that buzz through my mind and to share them with you when it actually feels like I am talking to myself.   I love Soliloquy - I love the word and I love the asides to an audience during a play.   This blog will be my "asides" at life.  It will as I said be random - no sequence or pattern just whatever pops into my head.

I think both of them will be a challenge to my brain and hopefully keep it sharp and alert.

Lovely news from US from Crosby - he was going to sleep in his own bed after having spent some of the afternoon playing with his very excited do who was delighted to see him.

McKenzie continues to struggle and we continue to support her and her family.

On this long weekend her in Australia - enjoy the extra time that the day off work gives you with your family and friends, stay warm and for those of you who are brave enough to be off camping - "put another log on the fire".  Make it a holiday where you do something special for yourself where you live well and enjoy the time.  Movies, walks or just curled up warm with a book all sound good to me.

Thank you for taking this journey with me - high days and holidays - sunshine and shadow - you are all welcome on my journey of life.  You make my journey sweeter by sharing the load and giving me lots of encouragement.  By supporting me and sending good wishes.   It will not be long and I will be curling up in a warm bed with my book and resting the day away.

Be well, be happy and enjoy the time you spend with those you love and if you are in the northern hemisphere stay cool and safe in the sun.  Thank you for reading "The Musings from My Heart" and I send love and hugs to you all.

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