Friday, June 10, 2011


Baby It's Cold Outside - Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton

Good Morning and welcome to my world - a cold and crisp morning with frost on the ground. I am warm and cozy inside here with nice coffee and a smile.   I really like the cold weather.  I love the snuggling down and getting warm and this morning I had to encourage myself out of bed.

Busy morning for me - first I have an appointment and then we are taking family members to the airport for a long weekend away in Melbourne.

It is a holiday weekend here in Australia - it is the Official Birthday for H.M. The Queen (although her actual birthday is in April we celebrate it in June and the holiday in winter is always welcome.)  I don't have any special plans for this weekend, but will relish the days of warmth, winter comfort foods and lots of reading.  So all in all a lovely calm and peaceful weekend ahead.  I have declined the offer of a Sunday afternoon movie - not one I particularly want to see but it is lovely to be invited and special to be well enough to go.

I hope your weekend plans are in hand and that you have some special times ahead whatever is on your agenda.   Maybe some travelling, some special time at home, a walk in the winter wind or the summer sun - maybe in your little corner of the world there are plans for eating outside, some swimming and special family times.   Maybe like me you are hoping to get some craft things done - things that have been put off for far too long.  Whatever it is I hope there is hot chocolate, coffee, soups and lovely comfort foods or icy cold drinks, food on the barbeque and long evenings sitting outside looking at the stars.

To those who may be in hospital - I hope you are well enough to receive visitors and that the time does not drag for you - weekends in hospital are different - everything is quieter and they can be quite lonely places at times.  It could well be a special time for some who are to go home after being patient in hospital.  I hope that is the case for many.  There are times when hospital can feel like a prison and we yearn for fresh air and the breaking of routine, meals at "normal" times and a cup of coffee any time we feel like it.  We also relish not having to report our bodily functions and have them charted.  Oh the indignity of it all! but how blessed we are to have such wonderful medical care and attention.

Enough for today - I really enjoy writing this blog and hope those who read it find some joy here too.  There is so much going on in so many lives - our Transplant Games Teams are about to leave for Sweden for the International Transplant Games and I wish them safe journey, good competition, fair play and may it be a  wonderful experience for everyone and I am looking forward to results and photographs.

This link will give you information about the games which start on 17th. June but travelling will start earlier than that - Good Luck everyone.

Thank you for visiting and reading "The Musings From My Heart" and be sure to stay warm/cool depending on which hemisphere you live in.

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

I have some plans for this long weekend. Some are possibles, like the outdoor movies and the fireworks at Tanilba, BUT it's cold out there!

I have stocked up on winter foods to eat and I think that will be my weekend in a warm kitchen.

Enjoy your weekend Linda