Friday, July 22, 2011


One Day At A Time - The Hawking Brothers.

 A very much later blog from me today - but it has been a busy day with appointments - but it has been a glorious day weather wise after a very cold start.

We were almost down to 0 degrees here in Adelaide this morning and my lawns were all frosty - and being the big child I am I couldn't resist walking barefoot in the frost.  It was cold but into the hot shower and for a while I hand tingling toes.

I have a thankful heart because I got a good (that should really be great) report from my Doctor at Flinders this afternoon.  Details are at this link and I hope you enjoy reading them.

I had another appointment this morning and that went well too, saw the children again this morning so all in all it has been a good day for me.

I get a bit of "white coat" syndrome and we are wondering if that puts my blood pressure up - so I really need to learn to live "One Day At A Time" and to trust.

It is cold already here at 5.00.p.m. Friday afternoon and I am certain that it will be an early night for me again.  Some television I want to watch tonight - the second part of a series.

Hope your Friday has been a good one for you and that as you head into Saturday you do so with a thankful heart - I know I shall.

Thanks for visiting and reading "The Musings from My Heart" - a thankful heart.

Love and hugs,

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