Saturday, August 20, 2011


Come Saturday Morning - The Sandpipers

Well here we are at Saturday morning and already it has been a busy time for me.   The sky is blue, the sun in shining and although cold, today promises to be a lovely day.

I have been shopping and to be bank for money for my beading class and of course to get some nice things for the lunch I need to take.  

I am all ready and quite excited about going again - this time working with larger beads and I feel that will be easier for me.

I hope the weekend is full of delightful things for you and that you can enjoy time with friends, family or even time alone.
I already had a lovely interlude and chat at the shops.  A lady not collecting the vouchers for the schools offered me hers and she had done a lot of shopping - Grace will be pleased when she gets the collection I have amassed for her School.

Time taken out of a busy schedule to learn a new skill is always special - and I shall again enjoy the time with Narelle.

This is going to be a long day for me as I am going to have dinner with Narelle, Ilona and Dianne tonight - so a quiet day for me tomorrow and lots of catching up to do.

I shall enjoy the company, the care, the conversation and of course dinner.

Whatever is on your agenda for Saturday - I hope that you can sing when Saturday morning comes and that there is sunshine and laughter in your heart and home.

Thank you for visiting The Musings from my heart and I send love and hugs your way.



Tiili said...

Enjoy your very busy day and dinner. Will be waiting to hear how the bigger beads behave (but can wait till you have a rest, so just do it and we will all be waiting)

PeggyLee Hanson said...

This is one of my favorite songs; I almost sang it for my high school senior Pop Concert, but changed my mind at the last moment; my music director was not happy because he knew the other song would be less passionate and emotional -- exactly why I couldn't sing it -- I was too afraid of the emotions.
Come this Saturday morning, I'm going away with my friends and family to celebrate two lives coming together in marriage.
Thanks Linda for the song!