Monday, August 22, 2011


Winter Dreaming - © Josephine Wall
Katie Melua - Sometimes when I'm Dreaming

Good Morning and welcome to Monday morning in my little corner of the world.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue - breakfast of grilled cheese and coffee.  Tablets taken and I am ready to face the day.

The link to the music today takes us to the world of Katie Melua - a beautiful young lady with an enchanting voice - I often play her songs and this is only one of many I love.

Another favourite of mine is "I Cried for You"

Another weekend gone and closer to Christmas time - I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  The fact that it has flown indicates to me that I am content and certainly not bored. It indicates that I have filled my days with many things - writing, reading, and now recently beading.  The beading comes at a time when there is obviously more space in my mind and heart to be open to accept something new.  I had a glorious day yesterday perusing on line sites selling all things beading. I am looking forward to learning to make earrings - I have a daughter who is keen for that too and an other daughter who says - lovely for you Mum and for Rebecca but it's not for me.

It fascinates me how two girls with the same Father and Mother can be so different and yet so alike.  They are very different in their skills, ambitions, hopes and dreams but there is a very beautiful affinity and friendship.   There is a real care between them and when I was so ill that brought me comfort knowing that no matter what happened they would have each other.

I have been dreaming more lately - or it seems that way and I am also able to recall those dreams.  I have always been a Day Dreamer - always been gazing out of classroom windows and off in a different world, only to be brought back to reality by a very frustrated teacher.  I very often was moved in class away from the window but I still managed to transport myself to other places in my mind.

I have used that day dreaming skill many times in my life to take me away from stressful situations and times when I was not comfortable with what was happening to me.  During my months in hospital that skill was finely honed and I often took myself away from what was actually happening to me.  Pain often brought me back to reality but it had been sweet release to be away from things.   I call it mind travelling and oh the many journeys I took and the places I visited. It certainly helped me through difficult days.

I hope your sleep pattern is better than mine - and that you are able to slip into a deep and untroubled sleep at night and that your dreams are sweet and pleasant.

If you are a day dreamer like me - make the most of it - travel back to earlier days and relive the beautiful times, spectacular places and conversations and interludes from long ago times.

I think being able to do this means I can hold those no longer with me a little closer, there are times when I can almost hear my Father's voice, his face is etched in my memory.

I can understand how dreams can be frightening to children - often I had the strangest dreams when on huge amounts of drugs - and they were scary dreams and yet so very real.

I hope you are ready to face another week or work/leisure and that you feel rested from the weekend and the memory of all the things you did.  I was blessed to be able to find creativity and to enjoy an evening with friends.

I noticed this morning that it was lighter a little earlier and that the days are getting longer which means that spring and summer are on their way.   I love the changing of the seasons - the way they just roll on from year to year - soon it will be much too hot for me but that is part of life in "The Land Down Under" and I shall have to deal with it.

Wherever you are - find some beauty in your world, dream a dream or two, stir your memory and enjoy your life.

Thank you for visiting "The Musings from My Heart" and I hope your dreams are sweet and pleasant.

Love and hugs,


Tiili said...

I am not sure if I am a Day Dreamer as I actually talk to myself or sing along while I am doing it.
Just happy to go where my mind wanders off to and looking out windows here takes me many, many places.
Continue dreaming Linda

Danielle said...

I am definitely a daydreamer! And at night, in most of my dreams, I am not disabled, which helps me keep my sanity. Dreams are a wonderful, wonderful thing, but not when they are scary.