Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Katie Melua - Nine Million Bicycles in Bejing

Welcome to Ruby Tuesday and I am late today after a very early start with Blood tests at TQEH - I have been awake since 2.30 this morning - must have been afraid of sleeping in and being late.  It was a beautiful morning - crisp and cold but a lovely sun peeped through holding the promise of a beautiful day.

I has indeed been a beautiful day - warmth from the sun and smiles on friendly faces.  After some digging they managed to get my blood for testing and then it was straight to Lizzie's for the best coffee in the west.  It was still early when I found my table by the window with the sun shining on me .  The warmth was beautiful and the shadows, silhouettes and sunbeams were truly lovely.  Much of the Coffee Shop was in shadow, but I could still see the sunbeams dancing a welcome to the day.  I am sure some sunshine brings a smile to lips otherwise tight and cold.

Looking out of the window I became very aware of the number of people cycling to work - pink cheeks and helmets and gloves but happy to be out on the road.  My own daughter rides her bike to work in the CBD and this morning I think I understood what pleasure she gains from doing it.  The roads are not congested early and I could sense the freedom of these peddle pushing people.

I sat longer in the Coffee Shop just watching and enjoying a quiet time - I enjoyed the passing parade of people all at a hospital for a reason.  Some as out patients, some escaping the routine of hospital room life for a while, others taking a break from watching a loved one through a long and difficult night. Nurses and Doctors on their way to work calling in for their daily fix of coffee to take away with them.  Night staff on their way home unwinding before starting their journey.

I really enjoyed the time there and when I tore myself away I decided to go shopping for a little while and got some things for Christmas decorations - I know it's early but I want to be organized.  I bought candles and bits and pieces to make my table centre pieces.

Lots of time and lots of ideas.  I love Christmas and get just as much excitement and pleasure in the planning and preparation.,

I wonder how your day started for you - easy and calm or was there chaos as you prepared your children for school and coped with lost lunch boxes and school uniforms - and were there tears and tantrums because of homework not done.   I remember those days very well.

Were you stuck in traffic and watching the clock lest you be late?  Were you looking for an email promised and did not arrive? A parcel you thought would arrive, did you have to wait for a delivery?  However your day started I hope it improved and that you were able to continue on a calm and peaceful path.  Did your children fail to do their chores or let the dog out - all normal family things but they can be frustrating.

Take some time out and find a spot in the sunshine like I did and enjoy the world exactly where you are.  Be present to the moment - take time to give that troublesome child a hug - it makes all the difference to them and to you.  Be sure they know that you love them even though they drive you crazy at times.  You probably drive them crazy too.

Childhood can be such a special time and we often get in the way and stop them dreaming dreams - and suddenly childhood is gone and they face a scary world as young adults, hopefully using the values we have imparted to them.

May the sun shine for you today, may you see sunbeams and silhouettes and shadows and people on bicycles peddling their way to work and reducing their carbon footprint.

May you see the chances you have to make a difference in a life close to you - even just a wave to a neighbour can brighten their day.    Look for the opportunities to bring some sparkle to a day - bloom where you are planted.

Thank you for visiting The Musings from My Heart on a day when their are sunshine and shadows, silhouettes and cyclists.

Love and hugs,

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Tiili said...

I had a lovely chat to an intellectually challenged neighbour about Libya. Quite a chin wag and not much fact but enjoyable in the sun while it was out for us