Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks

Welcome to Wednesday - a truly beautiful day here in Adelaide, the sun is shining, birds are singing and bees are buzzing.  My cat is stretched full length in the garden in the afternoon sun.  Certainly lazing on a sunny afternoon.

It is 86 weeks today for me since transplant and I am delighted that I am alive and well and able to enjoy this sunny afternoon.

I have done some more tidying up and sorting through things and have dinner on cooking - washing on the line now ready to be brought in and smelling of sunshine.  All of these very ordinary things and for ordinary things I am thankful.   There were days when getting up and showering was about all I could count on doing but now I manage so much more and am able to enjoy things.

Life is good and sweet and friends are kind and true and I am able to share the achievements and milestones of other transplant friends.   Those, like Kortni who have gone home from hospital and others like Phillip and Cassie who are able to go back to their own town after being limited to being close to the hospital.

I hope there are joys in your life and times that you are able to enjoy sharing with others.  It's the little things that count - a smile, a kind word, a compliment or something a little one has said which brings a smile.

Leanne has 11 weeks to go to the birth of her second child and baby had hiccups and when she told big sister Georgia the reaction was "don't worry baby I will make you a cup of tea"  not bad for someone under three.  It made me smile - very cute.

I have noticed just recently that the days are getting longer - it is lighter earlier and stays lighter longer - a sure sign that spring is on the way followed by summer I would be happy to go from spring to autumn and miss summer altogether, but that isn't going to happen so I just make do and try to like to hot weather.   I have been trying for a while and not achieving.

There are daffodils out in my garden and tomorrow I shall pick them and have them on my desk for Daffodil Day this coming Friday.

Open up your heart and share some daffodil sunshine with friends - they are my favourite flowers and I hope this years promotion works well for the Cancel Council of Australia.

I shall wear a daffodil, use my clips and pen and have daffodils on my desk.   I remember so many who have fought the battle and lost and also give thanks for those who continue to fight and seem to be winning.

I hope there is sunshine in your little corner of the world and that there is peace in your heart.

Thank you for visiting and reading "the Musings from my Heart"  May there be sunshine and flowers, peace and calm and a smile on your lips.

Love and hugs,

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