Thursday, August 25, 2011


Barney - The green grass grows all around.

Welcome to Thankful Thursday another blissful day in Adelaide with sunshine and clear blue sky.   My lawns have been cut today and I am in love with the smell of freshly mowed grass and I am a bit of a Barney fan - so please enjoy "The Green Green Grass grows all around."  It has had me singing for a couple of hours while I did some chores.

Today I am thankful for green grass after winter rain, a friend to cut the lawns, and for the fragrance of it all.  I am aware of the perennial nature of the grass - we mow it - the rains come, it grows and then we mow it again. It is soft underfoot and provides a comforting space to sit and enjoy the sun.

I have been thinking of the colour green and how refreshing it is and how many things dear to us are green.   Grass, trees, plants, shrubs, herbs, mints, leaves from which peep out flowers of every hue.  The deepest emerald green to the palest of soft green hues are all truly lovely.

Songs about green - Ten Green Bottles, Green green grass of home, The green grass grows all around, All around my Hat I wear the green willow, and not forgetting Kermit singing It's not easy being green.  

We talk of The Emerald Isle, The Green Fields of France, shamrocks  and it being the day for The Wearing of the Green and 

Green Door
 What's that Secret you're keeping
There's an old piano and they play it hot 
Behind the Green Door.

Green appears in our language so often - being sea sick is to be green and we often talk of jealousy being The green eyed monster. It really is an important colour in our language.

The Women's Institute much loved hymn

"And Did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England's mountains green."

For me the green green hills of the Welsh Valleys will always stir my heart and just to see daffodils massed against the green always brings me to tears.   Yes indeed it is a lovely colour and this ramble came from a lawn mower and the smell of freshly cut grass.

It is indeed a pretty colour of so many shades and it speaks a universal language - children from all over the world love to roll down green hill sides and sport uniforms come home all grass stained.  There is so much that is green in our world - lovely fresh vegetables and fruit - I am thankful for green today and for eyes to see all the lovely things green in my world.

I am thankful for trees to shelter me from the sun and wind, plants to adorn my garden - in fact all things green.

It is of particular delight to me to see my lawns so green because they had all but died during scorching summer heat and drought.

I am thankful for the process of renewal and restoration as season marches on to another season and the days become longer and warmer - change of times and birthdays - if you have a birthday I send you love and best wishes for a sunshine day.

Find some pleasure in something green and be aware of how much there is in your life, your home, your work environment and your family and friends.

Enjoy Kermit singing It's not easy being green and find beauty all around you.

Take care and thanks for visiting and reading The Musings from My Heart and for now - it's love and hugs from Kermit and me.



Aletha said...

Oh how lovely and yes it is a very beautiful color Green, never looked at it that way, thanks

Diane said...

So cute Linda, I am with you I love everything green after a long dreary winter, its a happy time..
Your going into your happy weather time have fun! enjoy..
Hugs Diane