Monday, October 17, 2011


Andy Williams - The Impossible Dream

(Nothing is impossible)

Good Morning and welcome to Monday morning in my little corner of the world and the sun is shining literally and also in my heart today.   We have a crisp morning but the promise of warmth as the day evolves, but later in the week we also have some very warm/hot days on the agenda.

A few hours ago the Martin Luther King Memorial was dedicated in Washington and I have replayed his "I have a dream" speech and know that we have come a very long way, but that we also have a very long way to go.
I admired this man and mourned and grieved when his life was cut short.  The phrase "I have a dream" has always been with me and inspired me and it seems rather fitting to me that on the day when his memorial is dedicated - one of my dreams comes to fruition.

After I had my liver transplant I was lost, confused and needed very much to have contact with other people who had "walked the walk" and talked the talk" and knew where my thoughts were at (I certainly didn't for a while.)  I had no idea how to get in touch with anyone - so did some research and found out that Facebook had support groups - but I could find nothing much here in Australia - so I took the step in faith and established "International Transplant Friends" and Transplant Friends Down Under" - very much a case of "build it and they will come".   

I am happy to report that this has happened - slowly and steadily and that now International Transplant Friends has become a "sister" group of TRANSPLANT COMMUNITY OUTREACH a site based in USA - and it pleased me and makes me very proud to have come this far.  This group has over 3000 members and together we can increase awareness and be of support to others recipients, donor families and friends.

I have met the most amazing, strong, kind and caring people whose friendship I value very much and I thank them for taking the ride with me - hold on - there is more on our journey.  I have met people from many countries and cultures and share with them the desire to increase awareness of organ and tissue donation.   I have met people who live in my own state whose only relationship to transplant has been that we are friends.  One special lady is very faithful and so very supportive.  I offer my love and thanks to you all for climbing aboard and taking the journey with me.

The future does indeed "belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" and it pleased me to have come this far supported by many who have been transplanted, are waiting for an organ, who are a donor family or just a loving friend with care and support.

Wherever you are - please don't give up your dreams - go after them, seek them out and work on building them.

I am proud to have built it and proud that they have come - and I look forward to many more people joining us as we travel the road.

Thanks for visiting and for reading "The Musings from my Heart."

Love and hugs,

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