Tuesday, October 18, 2011


John Denver - Sunshine on My Shoulders

Good Afternoon (almost good evening) it has been a sunshine type of day here in Adelaide - the sky has been blue, and there has been a strong breeze and it has been warm - a taste of things to come.

I have been busy today - Specialist appointment with John regarding his arthritis (it is lovely for me not to be the patient) and then this afternoon I have been to the hairdresser.

This is me today - all dressed up and no where to go.   It is nice however to feel nice after a trip to the Salon where the girls make such a fuss of me.  I look in the mirror or at photographs and see the damaged skin from the Stevens Johnson and this serves to remind me that I am very blessed indeed to have survived.

I am currently in touch with the Dermatology Department at Flinders and the Specialist who took care of me regarding new medications and the risk involved.  I won't take anything until I have checked it out - I fear for my life should I have another episode of Stevens Johnson Syndrome.   If you have a squiffy tummy don't look at the images.

Each morning I wake and my heart sings that I am still alive and doing so well - I am very thankful for the care I received and the prompt identification of the condition as many Doctors are not aware of it.

68 days to Christmas and I can't believe how quickly the year has gone - and I am blessed to have been able to do things such as my beading classes and to enjoy them as much as I have.

It seems only a few weeks ago I introduced a new baby girl to you - McKenzie (great granddaughter of my friend Cheryl in Indiana) well this little Miss has had her first birthday and this is her photograph enjoying her cake.

She is a little doll and looks lovely in her pink and grey outfit.

McKenzie Renee I wish you happy days ahead and a life filled with sunshine.

I am visiting with a friend tomorrow morning - coffee and chatter  - Jenny is waiting to have a hip transplant and doesn't get out and about much and I know only too well that shut in "cabin fever" feeling.  I am looking forward to seeing her, I am taking her a book she wants to read and picking up some biscuits on the way (maybe even cake) and I am hoping to visit a bead shop sometime tomorrow, but I have to find the address first.

Also visiting the Newsagent with my current Diary so that they can order in the correct one for 2012. - so another busy and happy day for me on Wednesday.

A warm evening here in Adelaide and I have just enjoyed a cold meal of chicken and salad - lots of those sort of meals ahead I think- it will be lovely when I can pick "Home Grown Tomatoes"

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing I hope there is sunshine in your heart and home - enjoy each day and be present to each moment.

Love and hugs and thanks for calling by.


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