Monday, October 31, 2011


Let me be a little Kinder - The Statler Brothers.

Good Morning to you all from a lovely spring morning in my beautiful city - the sun is shining and the sky is such a pretty blue wisped with white fluffy clouds.   A long and sleepless night for me - but I was warm and cosy and had music to listen to and a book to read.

Our National Airline will be up and flying again this afternoon after much discussion, debate and angst on the part of many people so I can expect to see the "Flying Kangaroo" over my home later today.

I found this graphic and share it with you along with the song "Be a little Kinder" - there are so many things in this that we can be (one of them is kind) and all are wonderful things to aspire to and how much sweeter life would be if we all tried each and every day to achieve all or some of these.

Some are just common decency and courteousness but for some others take a little effort and can be difficult - Give it a try - let's practice random acts of kindness and start to make the world a better place where we are.

I have woken with thoughts of Christmas in my head and am making a list of things to be done and achieved as soon as I can - plans to make and notes on paper are things which bring me joy and crafting things will also bring joy and pleasure to my days and fill quiet moments while I watch a DVD.  I have lots of things to watch and that too is a good thing because the television programs of late have been less than appealing.
I guess you could say I am "making a list and checking it twice"  but I know who is naughty and who is nice.

Lunch with friends today and left over barbeque things and a crossword puzzle or two will fill my day rather nicely.

I hope to hear from the Dermatology Department of the hospital regarding my query regarding medication and will contact them tomorrow if I haven't heard.

One of my beautiful nurses gave birth to a lovely little boy on Saturday afternoon - 6.lbs. 8 oz. Mali Evan was welcomed by a loving family and a very excited big sister Georgia.

Mali Evan at just three hours old.

Welcome Mali to our world and to our hearts - may your life be filled with laughter.
New babies are always special and always welcomed here - they are the promise of a brighter future and a better tomorrow.  I am sure Mali will bring joy and happiness to his family.

My phone has been busy this morning and this post is taking longer than I thought it would - but I really love posting and sharing my life with you all and value the support and encouragement I get from you all.  What started as an update place on my health has turned into a documenting of just how wonderful life is for me.  I am alive and well and enjoying my life.

Have a wonderful day/evening wherever you are, and a wonderful sleep when bedtime comes for you and try to be a little kinder, to love, to hope, to dream and to make life sweet where you are.   Bloom where you are planted.

Love and hugs,

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