Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Mike Brady - That Tuesday in November 

Good morning and welcome to the first Tuesday in November - a very big day in Australia.  Here in Adelaide is it a beautiful day and I understand that Melbourne is having good weather too.

The gates at Flemington Race course are open and the crowds are arriving and the fashions of the field will be, as always interesting.   I love the horses and the atmosphere and the colour of such an event which has now become for us a huge international function with horses from all over the world.

This is Americain the winner of the 2010 Melbourne Cup and firm favourite to win again.   It amazes me the amount of money spent gambling on this race and the fact that virtually the whole nation comes to a standstill for the race.

The television has coverage of the Flemington Race Course virtually all day and covers fashions, horses and comments from trainers and owners.    If you have a "flutter" on the Cup or are part of a sweep - I hope your horse comes in a winner.   I think my choice from last year is still running.

Crowds will gather, much drinking and gambling will be done and fashions planned for months will be ruined by the weather or the shoes walking around on grass - I don't understand the excitement - but to each his own.

Ruby Tuesday is for me this week a day tinged with some sadness - a very dear friend has lost her much loved companion and friend.  Lynne's little Chelsea died in the early hours of this morning leaving a very sort heart.  Chelsea was a wonderful four legged friend for many years and her time had come - thinking of Lynne and all who loved Chelsea.

Happy Trails Chelsea 

I have been where Lynne is right now many times and I know just how much it hurts - they give us unconditional love and trust and when they leave us the pain is immense.

Other news involved McKenzie who has an infection in hospital and one which is resistant to many antibiotics and must be treated with IV antibiotics five times daily.   Holding this tiny child up in prayer and love and hoping for good results.

Little Ethan was dressed as a Monster for Halloween and it is wonderful that he is well enough to be involved in this.        From the photographs I am seeing this morning there has been much work and effort put into the costumes and great support from parents.

Avery - my friend's Grandson who has grown so much.

This is Tayden and I am "Transplant Aunt" to this beautiful little spider.

Children bring joy to our lives and I hope these images bring a smile to your day - they did mine and I sort of wish I had little ones to dress up for Halloween - but happy to enjoy the costume work of others.

Now that it is November I shall have to get my act into gear with the things I wish to do for Christmas and while normally I would be sad that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia - right now it is going to take me all of the time left to be ready for Christmas without Thanksgiving in between.

Enjoy your Tuesday - be kind and compassionate to others during their difficult times and celebrate life - be present to each moment of each new day with a song in your heart and a spring in your step.

Thanks for visiting the Musings of My heart.

Love and hugs,

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Diane said...

So touching thanks for sharing Linda, Happy November 1 to you And Many more..